Samsung is building an RGB strip for its foldable phones

Samsung is building an RGB strip for its foldable phones

Spotted by LetsGoDigital, Samsung recently filed a patent for an RGB lighting strip for its foldable phones. According to the patent drawings, the company will add the band to the hinge of the foldable devices.

The light strip will illuminate in RGB color, alerting users to notifications. The strip will have six built-in LED lights. Of course, users will be able to fully customize the colors used. Users can use one or more colors for the band. According to the patent, the technology will ensure that the light always appears smooth, despite the abundance of lights.

Of course, a patent is still only a patent. It might not confirm the company’s actual plans for the future. We may not even see a Samsung RGB strip at all.

That said, if the patent does materialize, it’s still too early to know anything about the potential smartphone. Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Z Fold 2. As you may know, Samsung’s foldable suite doesn’t feature an RGB strip.


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