Samsung announce the production of RAM LPDDR5 chips for Mobiles

Samsung announces the production of RAM LPDDR5 chips for Mobiles

Samsung likes to show off its progress in the manufacture of memory chips, but this time the company has created something really special. Samsung, the Korean company announced the start of the mass production of 16-gigabit chips for mobile RAM LPDDR5. So far the only ones, are made using lithography.

The bandwidth of the chips reaches 6.4 Gbps – it is about 16% higher than that offered in the earlier 12-gigabit chips. The manufacturer notes that the use of the first commercial process 1z also allowed to make the chip 30% thinner – this can contribute to the creation of thinner phones or additional space for components such as batteries and cameras.

Samsung positions the new memory as ideal for flagship smartphones. In the future, the South Korean electronics giant plans to expand the range of LPDDR5, covering the automotive market through the release of chips designed for an extended temperature range and more stringent reliability requirements.


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