Samsung unveils a charger that disinfects your smartphones

Samsung unveils a charger that disinfects your smartphones

For the moment only launched in Thailand and in the context of the global health crisis, this product seems to arrive at the right time. While the Coronavirus continues to panic crowds across the planet, Samsung is no doubt hoping (without fully admitting it) to ride the wave of health paranoia that accompanies the virus with its sterilizer charger. Samsung unveils a charger that disinfects your smartphones which will be helpful during this COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Both an induction charger and a sterilization tool for your smartphone, this box allows you to kill good numbers of bacteria and viruses (UV light, 99% if you believe the brand). We can mention E. Coli, Staphylococcus aureus, or Candida albicans among all those which are not resistant to Samsung. But what about the Coronavirus?

Several studies seem to highlight the great resistance of Covid-19 to UV and therefore in order not to make a false advertisement on its case, Samsung preferred not to say anything about it and not to add it to the list of bacteria and viruses 99% eliminated.

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The sterilization action takes 10 minutes, a time much lower than the average charging time of a smartphone which even for the most in a hurry among us is at least 15 minutes. Sterilization is not limited to the smartphone, but can also be applied to all objects such as headphones, glasses, or your keys.

Everyday object par excellence, the smartphone is actually, like our mouse and keyboard, a real nest of bacteria and microbes. And if we are not used to cleaning it regularly, this should be changed, for our health.

As mentioned in the preamble, for the moment only Thailand can get this box for about 50 dollars. No info for the international market nor any specific explanation on why Thailand only. Note that this product is not new and that we have already seen brands like LG and Philips offer the same type of object in the past.

To stay in the world of smartphone charging, Oppo recently unveiled several chargers: a 125W Flash Charge and an AirVOOC 65W wireless charger. The first allows in 5 minutes to recharge 41% of a 4000mAh battery and 20 minutes for 100%. For the second it’s 100% in 30 minutes.