Samsung vs Honor: Which Brand is Better

Samsung vs Honor Which Brand is Better

Samsung vs Honor: Which Brand is Better

Honor, having separated from its parent brand Huawei, is now second only to Samsung in global sales. At least in the niche of smartphones and other mobile gadgets. Why not compare two competitors?


Samsung vs Honor: Brand Features



The Samsung conglomerate operates in manufacturing and construction, as well as in the chemical industry. Holding chaebol has gone from creating noodles to developing high technology. But it is best known to customers as an electronics manufacturer (with a 70% market share).

The lion’s share of the products of the subsidiary company Samsung Electronics falls on mobile devices of the South Korean assembly. Moreover, the company has almost said goodbye to simple monoblocks, clamshells, and sliders. Since 2005, the brand has relied on smartphones. The exception affected only poor India, where dialers still appear in 80% of cases.

The era of smartphones began for the brand with the release of the Galaxy line, which combined players, tablets, and touch phones, and was later supplemented by other wearable gadgets.



Honor is mistakenly perceived (although it used to be) as a line of smartphones from Huawei. From the shadow of the glory of the first owner, he came out in 2013 as a full-fledged brand, which was bought by Shenzen Zhixin New Information Technology.

Honor’s positions were immediately clearly defined: a course for a young audience and an emphasis on online sales. But over time, their boundaries expanded, and the company began to actively explore the offline space.

So, several official Honor stores are already operating in Russia: in Khabarovsk, Astrakhan, Samara, Volzhsky, Sochi, Volgograd, Belgorod, and several other cities. And in native China, there are about 300 points of sale.

After gaining independence from Huawei, the brand succeeded and began expanding its product range with laptops, tablets, and various accessories for them.


Samsung vs Honor: Quality and Safety of Products


Samsung – “Green” Production

Samsung Electronics has an entire product improvement department, as innovation often goes hand in hand with incidents. For example, the Galaxy Note 7 phablet turned out to be a failure with a defective, rapidly heating battery, which in some cases led to explosions and even fires. Despite significant losses, the manufacturer quickly recalled problematic products.

Samsung performs a significant part of its work in-house, constantly increasing capital investments in the development of its industrial sites. Brand components are so good and reliable that other electronics manufacturers buy them to equip their gadgets.

However, the Koreans are not completely abandoning outsourcing, which extends mainly to the Indian market for phones under $200. This gives more leverage to control the quality of manufactured electronics.

It is also important that the company is a supporter of “green” production, for which it received several awards in the field of environmental safety, including from the Russian Ministry of Energy. Samsung plans to launch a zero-waste production of smartphones – from recycled old electronics and already used plastic.


Honor – Data Protection

The company declares high quality as the standard for all its products. Each smartphone, laptop, or tablet of the manufacturer, before being allowed for sale, undergoes more than 400 different tests and receives 20 international certificates.

The company’s top priority is the protection of personal data. And it’s not just words. In August 2021, the manufacturer announced the release of the new Honor Magic 3 series with improved security functionality, in particular, unlocking 3D Face ID using the front-facing time-of-flight camera.


Samsung vs Honor: Service Maintenance


Samsung – Multifunctional SC

Samsung Electronics is the undisputed leader in service and warranty service. It ranks first in Russia in terms of the number of operating centers.

The company’s feature is the combination of a company store with a corner for demonstrating new products and a premium service zone in one space.

At Samsung service centers you can:

  • get advice on the operation of the company’s devices;
  • update software and configure devices;
  • repair equipment in 1 hour.

Samsung has more than 300 service centers in Russia and its service for customer calls.


Honor – Post-warranty service

The manufacturer’s service network has covered 82 countries and includes more than 3,000 customer service centers. The company accepts devices for repair both offline and through the “Repair with Delivery” service by calling the support service at 8-800-700-16-77 (warranty case), and without documents – on the website

Honor has created a special service program for owners of branded devices. It provides for the possibility of extending the terms of receiving devices after the expiration of the warranty for 12 months.


Samsung vs Honor: Range

Samsung offers a much more diverse selection of products: tablets, smartphones, headphones, smartwatches, and more. Honor, of course, is still far from such proportions. But in certain categories, Chinese technology is quite capable of competing with South Korea.


Samsung vs Honor: Smartphones

The novelty expected by many from the Chinese is the Honor Magic 3 series, where the most expensive Pro + model will be equipped with a Snapdragon 888 Plus processor. The manufacturer promises not only maximum protection against water and dust but also the best picture and sound quality, which is confirmed by IMAX Enhanced certificates.

Add to this a luxurious design, a protected screen with trendy curved edges, and an unrealistic set of 4 powerful cameras with additional sensors.

For the same money, Samsung offers its advanced Galaxy S21 Ultra. Its screen, with almost the same dimensions, has a higher resolution of 3200×1440. Although the ratio of the display surface to the body is only 90% (versus 95% for Honor), which makes it looks less modern. The model is available in two configurations: with the same Snapdragon 888 Plus on board or with its own Exynos 2100 processor.

Behind are again 4 rear cameras (of which 2 are telephoto lenses with optical zoom). But if Honor has all the modules with high resolution, then Samsung has relied only on the main 108-megapixel sensor – its additional cameras are much weaker.

And here are the differences between the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Magic 3 Pro +, which are not so noticeable to the eye, and which bring the South Korean brand to the forefront:

  • improved Wi-Fi 6E wireless technology;
  • support for DLNA protocols to create a home network;
  • full high-speed USB-C 3.2 gen2 (instead of Honor’s USB-C 2.0);
  • the ability to record video at a resolution of 7680 × 4320 (8K), albeit at 24 frames per second;
  • HDR 10+ support;
  • a slightly larger 5000 mAh battery.

In the battle of the flagships, the heavyweight Samsung wins. Honor does not yet have such capabilities and cutting-edge technologies in service. Although neither outwardly nor in terms of filling, his smartphones are no longer inferior to a competitor.

Well, the novelties of the Galaxy Z series with folding screens completely leave Honor far behind. However, no one except Samsung has such spectacular and advanced phones yet.

But in the middle and budget segment, both brands are approximately equal. At the same cost and similar characteristics, Honor offers more recent models. New Samsung products are much more expensive.

In addition, Honor, although it is positioned as a manufacturer of medium-priced gadgets, does not save on materials. Instead of the usual plastic, the back panels are mainly made of 3D glass with a holographic effect.


Samsung vs Honor: Smart Watch

It is difficult to draw a direct analogy between the two brands here since their smartwatch models are aimed at different consumers.

Galaxy Watch 4 from Samsung looks stylish and even status. These are technological devices designed to complement the smartphone and make it easier for the user to interact with it. In terms of cost, they are seriously superior to the best Honor models.

At the same time, Honor Watch GS Pro offers, firstly, the best value for money, and secondly, they are more suitable for sports and the outdoors. So you need to choose one or another model according to your needs.


Main differences Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Honor Watch GS Pro
Memory size 1.5 / 16 GB 32 MB / 4 GB
Battery operation 2 days 25 days
Compatibility Android 6.0 Android 5.0

iOS 9

always-on display Yes No


Samsung has paid a lot of attention to design, so their smartwatches are available in several case sizes, with straps of different colors. A signature feature is the ability to create your unique screen saver so that the gadget is in harmony with the image of its owner.

This is a comfortable and multifunctional watch for every day for a resident of the metropolis. They have:

  • built-in NFC chip,
  • the ability to connect via Wi-Fi,
  • support for voice commands.

The more brutal Honor watches answer this with their versatility. They can work not only with Android phones but also with iPhones. The absence of powerful hardware stuffing and twice the battery capacity provides Watch GS Pro with truly impressive autonomy.

In addition, the device catches satellites faster in GPS mode, can build a return route, and remains operational at ambient temperatures from -40 to +70 ° C. In general, a typical watch for traveling, hiking, and just long country trips.

When it comes to activity tracking features, there is little to no difference between the two models. Although those who watch their weight are likely to prefer Samsung watches. They can, among other things, count calories, and the amount of water drunk, and track the ECG sinusoid.


Samsung vs Honor: Headphones

Once again, Samsung outperforms the Chinese with its “beans” line, albeit by a slight margin. Galaxy Buds 2 TWS headphones are compact, functional, and unique.

Honor, on the other hand, “licked off” its Earbuds 2 Lite from Apple, making a similar model on legs – only a vacuum one. They are cheaper and offer a little more autonomy, but their advantages end there. The new Samsung Galaxy, in turn, has better protection against moisture and sweat, an has good noise reduction on the microphone.

But in general, both pairs sound good – the Honors are even louder due to the increased size of the speaker. Both models have an audio transparency mode and active noise reduction, they keep the Bluetooth connection equally reliable. Accidental pressing and those and other headphones are ignored, so it is convenient to use them. In general, headphones will not be a decisive factor when choosing a brand.


Samsung vs Honor: Ecosystem

Samsung has long had its full-fledged system, which has developed well. After all, the company produces not only electronic gadgets, but also a wide variety of household appliances: TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and much more.

All the necessary software for quickly creating a single network or pairing already connected devices is preinstalled on the phones. There are practically no laptops from Samsung in our country for sale.

But there is Samsung DeX technology, which turns a mobile phone or tablet into a full-fledged working device – you just need to connect a wireless mouse and keyboard, and for greater convenience, an external Samsung monitor (TV).

Honor is noticeably younger, although he also managed to create his HONOR Life ecosystem. It is notable for the fact that it allows you to connect not only branded gadgets, but also devices from third-party brands: the same household appliances, smart home elements, and so on.

Over time, the company promises to develop the Honor Choice network, which will include a variety of tech products. So far, only TWS headphones and a robot vacuum cleaner are included in it.

However, the most useful and popular feature of Honor Life has become the ability to display the interface of a smartphone or tablet on the screen of a laptop of the same name. So you can make calls, chat on social networks and instant messengers, and easily transfer individual files from phone to laptop, and vice versa. Transferring data between Honor devices is instant thanks to Magic-link 2.0 technology – even if it’s very heavy files.


Samsung vs Honor: Outcome

Of course, Samsung has managed to go far ahead during its presence in the market. The company offers the most technologically advanced devices with an interesting design and the widest possible functionality – so advanced that many new items can be safely signed “The Future has already arrived”.

If you are looking for the best and most advanced devices, while not being constrained by funds; if you want to control not only digital but also household appliances in your home or office, definitely choose Samsung.

Honor is aimed at the “average” consumer who is looking for a quality device at an affordable price. Active sales via the Internet and the absence of costs for a large number of employees allow the company to satisfy such requests.

As a result, the young brand offers devices that are often not inferior to Samsung in terms of technical characteristics but are 2-3 times cheaper. All that distinguishes them from a competitor is the absence of very specific options and features that not every buyer will use.

So Honor provides a real opportunity to save not at the expense of quality, but solely due to the optimal functionality of devices – sufficient, but without frills.


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