Samurai Jack Battle Through Time Release Date

Samurai Jack Battle Through Time Release Date

The last season of Samurai Jack was released in 2017, but the time-traveling samurai is back on a new adventure in Samurai Jack Battle Through Time. The new game of Samurai Jack Battle Through Time which players will love while embarking on a new adventure against an old enemy. Samurai Jack Battle Through Time Release Date is the 21st of August on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

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Battle Through Time will be linked to the series finale and will bring Samurai Jack together with former allies like The Scotsman, Scaramouche, and Sir Rothchild. Players will be able to equip Jack with more than a dozen different weapons and unlock various skills to defeat Aku’s powers.

The game brings Genndy Tartakovsky’s iconic 2D art style to the 3D world and brings Phil LaMarr back to Greg Baldwin, who replaced late Mako in the final season of the show as Jack’s voice and Aku’s voice. In addition, the game was written by the original show lead author Darrick Bachman, so if you find that you missed the animated series, the new game can help this itch.


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