Samyukta Hegde wants to ride a bike

Samyukta Hegde wants to ride a bike

Actress Samyukta Hegde, best known for her role in the Kannada film Cricket Party, has confessed in an interview that she wants to ride a bike.

“I was not in India for seven months in 2019. Most of the time I was in Vietnam and European countries. I have been at home for seven months this year. I have improved my skills these days,” he said of the curfew.

Asked if she chooses female-dominated characters, Samyukta Hegde said, “I have acted in female-dominated roles in Puppy and Gomali films. My skills and abilities are used in a variety of films.”

Samyukta also said, “I did not expect to be an actress. I was born into a lower-middle-class family. I was paid a huge salary for the film Creek Party. I have never seen that money in my life. That film has given me great recognition.”.

“At first I started dancing in the film. I also did things like bike riding and martial arts” said Samyukta Hegde openly.


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