Seagate game drive for the Xbox Series X and Series S Price

Seagate game drive for the Xbox Series X and Series S Price 

Expanding the storage of a cheaper console (Series S) costs two-thirds of the cost of the system itself – it’s more expensive than a considerable number of SSDs of the same size.

One of the distinguishing features of the Xbox Series S from the Xbox Series X is the amount of memory – 512 GB of memory instead of 1 TB – but, fortunately, you can increase it using memory cards. However, increasing the storage capacity of the new console will not be cheap.

According to Microsoft, although gamers will be able to play old games and store new ones on USB drives, the new generation of games must be installed either on an internal SSD or on one of the officially licensed add-ons so that they can maintain performance during the gaming session.

Seagate Game Drive Price for Xbox Series 

Adding extra storage space for next-generation games will cost two-thirds of the cost of the Xbox Series S. A well-known network informant with the nickname Wario64 confirmed early rumors that the Seagate gaming drive with a capacity of 1 TB will cost $ 220.


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