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Security Experts Named 3 Biggest Cyber Threats of 2023

Technology is evolving fast, but we have to face unknown cyber threats with every new advancement.

The analytical company Forrester published a new report on the most dangerous cyber threats in 2023. Among them is the use of artificial intelligence, the vulnerability of cloud infrastructures, and geopolitical conflicts.

Most Dangerous Cyber Threats to Face in 2023

1) Use of Artificial Intelligence

The use of AI to create false or fake data, images, audio, and video. Such information can be used for blackmail, fraud, or misinformation. To protect yourself, your privacy, or corporate information, Forrester analysts recommend contacting service providers that specialize in AI. They can provide helpful, professional advice on the quick and timely detection of fake information.

2) Vulnerability of Cloud Technology

The second threat is the vulnerability of cloud technologies. According to Forrester, 94% of surveyed enterprises use cloud services, but many are open to hacking. To prevent attacks on cloud infrastructure, experts advise using the built-in capabilities of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platforms.

3) Geopolitical Conflicts

A protracted war usually leads to the pursuit of technology. In general, Ukrainian society and the world see how Russia uses cyberattacks for espionage, pressure, control over resources, or theft of intellectual property. 

There are also attacks on critical infrastructure, and this leads not only to economic losses but also to the loss of life. To combat the last category of threats, Forrester recommends that enterprises prioritize developing protection against malicious software and use the services of proven providers.

Analysts warn that a new wave of cyberattacks will soon occur as hackers constantly improve their skills. In Forrester, users were encouraged to do the same — to upgrade their skills in protecting personal and corporate gadgets and to learn about the latest technologies and artificial intelligence. Experts are sure that awareness will save people and help avoid unwanted consequences.

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