Serious Sam 4 Trailer and Release Date

Serious Sam 4 Trailer and Release Date

After a 9-year break, Serious Sam 4 returns, the release date, and the trailer have been reviled of Serious Sam4. Serious Sam cyclists had to wait a long time for the new installment of the Serious hero’s adventures. The interval between today and the third installment of the game is up to 9 years.

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Therefore, a huge bang on the Internet was a Serious Sam 4 announcement. In the latest trailer players get what they love this title, i.e. the extermination of a huge number of monsters and energetic metal music.

Serious Sam 4 Release Date

The fourth part of the edition is being prepared by the Croatian studio Croteam in cooperation with the publisher Developer Digital. The premiere of the game will take place in August this year, while in 2021 the game will debut on PS4 and Xbox One.

Serious Sam 4 Trailer