Seven richest clubs in the world ready to buy Messi

Seven clubs in the world ready to buy Messi

Although it sounds unbelievable, the Argentine media TYC Sports has made such a claim. Lionel Messi has informed the club authorities that he wants to leave Barcelona by fax. It’s time for the richest football clubs not to miss a chance to buy Lionel Messi. Every Club will definitely not going to miss this opportunity.

Therefore, the 33-year-old forward has requested to cancel his contract with the Spanish team. In a report on Tuesday, TYC Sports said that Messi is no longer willing to stay in Barcelona.

He wants to end his 20-year relationship with his favorite address. Do not want to play under the new coach Ronald Koman. Spanish journalist Alfredo Martinez wrote on social media Twitter that Messi will not take a Test under the supervision of Barcelona this week or join training with the team.

This is his final decision. He added that Barca has already called an emergency board meeting. Surprisingly, former Barcelona captain Carlos Puyol tweeted after reports that Messi wanted to leave the club, which is bound to take the teacup by storm. The former Spain World Cup-winning star wrote, ‘Leo, (to you) respect and admiration. Friend, I will have all the support (towards you). ‘

Where will Messi go in this situation? Which club will take him? These are also big questions now. Because Barcelona has set a release clause of 600 million Euros. English Premier League club Manchester City will buy Razi Messi after paying the full release clause. Italian club Inter Milan is also ready to buy Messi.


These seven world’s richest football clubs are ready to buy Lionel Messi

  • Manchester City
  • Inter Milan
  • PSG
  • Inter Miami
  • Bayern Munich
  • Juventus
  • Newell’s Old Boys


However, the chances of going to Man City are high. According to the news, Messi discussed his future with City coach Pep Guardiola last week. The beginning of his rise is in the hands of this coach.

Under him, the Barca captain played from 2007 to 2012. The 33-year-old Argentine star wants to know if City has the power to take him if he leaves Barcelona. The city coach reassured him. He said he could afford to spend 300 million euros if needed. After that Messi made his own decision.


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