Shadow Warrior 3 first trailer

Shadow Warrior 3 first trailer

Less than a week has passed since the official announcement of Shadow Warrior 3, and we can watch the first trailer of Shadow Warrior 3. The trailer was placed on the official YouTube channel of the game’s publisher, i.e. Devolver Digital. Are you ready for bloody fun?

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New in the game

In the trailer, we can see fragments of the game. The game seems extremely dynamic, and above all more bloody than the predecessors of the series. Interestingly, new mechanics have been introduced, such as the movement of links thanks to special hooks. In addition, the ability to run on the walls was presented, so the gameplay will be fast and spectacular.

Shadow Warrior 3 Release Date

We have to wait for the premiere of Shadow Warrior 3 until 2021, and the exact date of the game’s release has not yet been disclosed. The title will debut on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.