Six new heroes have been announced in Valoranta

Six new heroes have been announced in Valoranta

Valorant is the most important multiplayer premiere this year, and there is no doubt about that. The latest game from Riot Games has been on the very high position of the Twitch streaming service for a long time. Mainly because of the brilliant way of promoting the game. Valoranta has announced six more new heroes.

Namely, to access the beta of the new FPS, you had to watch twitch streamers playing. I don’t have to say that players’ computers suddenly started working 24/7, and in their web browser, there was always at least one card with a launched Twitter. As soon as the game was out of the beta phase, it was flooded with a wave of gameplay-hungry FPS fans.

However, in addition to the promotion method, you should remember about another aspect of the game’s popularity. This is the first shooter released by Riot Games, which besides confusingly resembles the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. And the essential thing, Valorant is simply a perfect game in the world.

The graphic design is simply amazing, not only that the game looks very fresh, but by the way, you can probably start it on a toaster. However, the gameplay (apart from small balance problems) is incredibly smooth and pleasant. The soundtrack makes the biggest impression on me, and the music is so organic that it blends in perfectly with the game. The sound locating system also works great. As soon as I heard the stomping of opponents, I automatically knew where I could expect the enemy.

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What distinguishes the Riot Games title from the equivalent of the Valve stable are agents. So heroes with unique special skills. We could observe this type of solution earlier, even in Overwatch. It is worth noting, however, that the powers of agents have a much smaller impact on the game than in the Blizzard counterpart.

First of all, the player is limited by the limited use of skills in the round, and secondly, it is not always profitable to buy them. Since skills are purchased for the same currency as weapons, we often face a severe dilemma – buy better and more expensive weapons, or a cheaper equivalent and skill.

Six new heroes and new updates

Let’s get to the topic. For a hero shooter, Valorant has a minimal number of heroes. However, this will change shortly. Riot Games announced that by the end of the year there would be as many as six agents. But that’s not all – according to the executive producer of the game Anna Donlon, the game will be divided into 6-month episodes and 2-month acts. A new agent will be added in each action.

It has also been announced that a massive update will be released every six months, along with several changes. So there are changes in maps, new maps and new mechanics in the game. The creators also announce the changes that the players are asking for, such as the possibility of pausing the match, or the remake of the entire game.