Skin Cycling: The Trending Routine for Your Skin

Skin Cycling The Trending Routine for Your Skin

Everything you need to know about ” skin cycling,” the hot social media trend in skin care. The reign of K-Beauty regimens characterized by the repeated application of a dozen products is coming to an end, giving way to more minimalist practices.

A unique skin care regimen that facilitates the coveted crystal skin effect. What is its name? Whitney Bowe, an American dermatologist, created Skin Cycling.


What Is Skin Cycling?

Skin cycling is, in general, a four-night rotating skin care routine that alternates the use of active substances and allows the skin to heal.

The strategy is intended to maximize the efficacy of active compounds and reduce discomfort by cycling active and inert items across four nights. In other words, rather than increasing the number of processes, which tends to overwhelm the skin with numerous benefits without a discernible effect, skin cycling advises a return to the fundamentals.


Skin Cycling Routine: Follow the 4 Cyclical Steps


First Night: Chemical Peel

After cleaning your skin with a cleansing oil or makeup remover balm (with a gentler effect), you should use an exfoliant. This initial phase eliminates dead skin cells and impurities to improve the skin’s texture and appearance. After cleansing, the skin is ready to benefit from the following processes.

Also recommended are chemical exfoliants based on fruit acids or enzymes, which are less abrasive than grain exfoliants and better retain the hydrolipidic coating of the skin.

This initial stage concludes with the application of a rich moisturizing lotion, whose effects are gradually released during the night.


Second Night: Retinol

After carefully removing makeup and drying the skin, the next step is to apply retinol or bakuchiol, the natural and gentle alternative for the most sensitive skin). To accomplish this, simply apply a small amount of your preferred retinol serum to the face and neck.

After the retinol has been absorbed, apply a moisturizer to the epidermis, which tends to dry up. This vitamin A derivative will promote cell renewal while strengthening the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which are crucial chemicals for maintaining the epidermis’ structure and flexibility.


Third and fourth Night: Recuperation

During the last two nights of the routine, it is vital to return to a state of calm. This will allow the skin to recover from the effects of exfoliation and retinol. After cleansing, it is recommended to use a serum followed by a moisturizing cream, which is ideal for sustaining the microbiome of the skin.

For skins that are not accustomed to employing potent active ingredients (exfoliating acids or retinoids), a time of adaptation to a single product is required. For instance, exfoliation on the first night, followed by three nights of recovery. This cycle must be repeated every two to three weeks. The four steps of ” skin cycling ” can be implemented if the skin reacts positively.


What Effects Does Skin Cycling Have?

If you are able to follow the routine consistently for several months, the effects are astounding. As evidenced by the one thousand and one TikToks published on the topic, the benefits for the skin are countless: luminosity, unified and smooth skin, fewer spots, and improved texture.


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