Sky Beneath trailer be ready for gravitational fun

Sky Beneath trailer be ready for gravitational fun

We saw the Sky Beneath trailer and we must admit that the title looks very promising. Midheaven Games Studio is preparing a lot of gravitational fun for us in its new puzzle game.

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If you’re a fan of Portal, it’s definitely worth looking forward to 2021. That’s when Sky Beneath will be released on consoles and PCs. We’ll use the equivalent of gravity gun again, and our brains will face many puzzles. In addition, an interesting twist awaits us, namely the characters that we will control can and even run on the walls and ceilings.

Game trailer

In the title, the player will play Cassie, a mine and factory exploiter. She will be accompanied by her friend Anne, with whom we will explore and explore locations.
Below you will see the trailer of the new game: