Skype introduces its New Feature

Skype introduces its New Feature

Zoom became one of the most profitable companies during the epidemic. It quickly became the most used video conferencing application in the world. Skype, of course, is loved and used but succeeded in the process against Zoom. Microsoft in the face of this defeat introduces a new feature by reaching up to 12 persons Skype group talk feature confronts us with.

Group Talk Feature Expands

The rise of Zoom was quite surprising, and much of it is related to Zoom’s hosting, which is normally very popular, like Google Meet, WhatsApp, and Skype, but not having some features.

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Zoom, which made important updates and kept its interface up-to-date especially in this pandemic process, was a snap. Microsoft has come up with the development of a Skype group talk feature that can reach up to 12 people against Zoom.