Son spent all her mother’s life savings on Fortnite streamers

Son spent all her mother’s life savings on Fortnite streamers

The mother told the story of her son on the internet, who spent all her mother’s life savings 20,000$ in just 17 days on Fortnite streamers. He spent everything on supporting streamers of the popular Fortnite. Is it a matter of bad parenting? Fortnite is popular to this day. But sometimes there are eminently sad stories.

My son robbed me

An unexpectedly sad post by a mother of a minor child appeared on Reddit. In it, she explains that in just 17 days her son made a transaction for the family’s lifetime savings – $ 20,000. Everything was spent on streamers, incl. on Twitch. Unfortunately, more and more such events have happened in recent months.

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Young people want to support their idols playing popular games and, not knowing the value of money, they can transfer huge sums of money to them. There is an associated phenomenon of “simply”, which means that attractive streamers make viewers “fall in love” with them and are able to transfer more and more money to them in the form of creative support.

When the child doesn’t know how much is $ 20k

He quickly contacted his mother, incl. Dot Esports service. It turns out that the child of the woman had her own card linked to the mother’s account. This form of “pocket money” was supposed to be enough for school lunches. Then the son quickly devised a way to transfer money from the woman’s account, which had all her life savings. The child, probably unaware of anything, supported his favorite Fortnite streamers for 17 days. One day my mother saw a bank statement and froze. She quickly contacted her bank, Twitch and Amazon.

What to do in that case?

The woman sought help on Reddit as the bank replied that any proceedings could be instituted as long as she opened a theft case for her son. Unfortunately, neither Twitch nor Amazon have replied yet. Allegedly, some of the streamers supported decided to help the woman, but it is not entirely clear in what form. The child’s mother also explains that the whole situation is her fault, because she was busy lately and did not look after her son. Such an attitude certainly deserves recognition.