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Sony can control PlayStation 5 sales

Sony can control PlayStation 5 sales

Sony can control PlayStation 5 sales

Many players can’t wait for the official PlayStation 5 release date and price to be set. It turns out that Sony may be preparing an unpleasant surprise for them. There were rumors on Reddit that the Japanese giant Sony can control PlayStation 5 console sales. Sony has not confirmed the latest reports, but with the estimated interest in PS5, it may be a good step.

PS5 preorders and release date

Sony confirmed a few days ago that the start date for pre-release orders for the latest-generation console will be announced in advance. Players are finally looking forward to this moment, and misunderstood rumors suggested that the equipment would make its debut at any moment. The company wants to reduce device availability problems.

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was estimated that the supply would not match the demand, but Sony quickly announced that the consoles for the premiere will be twice as many as expected. But is that still not enough?

Sony Specific Practices

There are new, unofficial rumors about the conditions for the acquisition of the Japanese giant’s latest console. An appropriate thread appeared on Reddit in which the source code from the PlayStation Direct website was published. It turns out that Sony may be planning to limit the number of devices ordered – one piece per household.

And although on the one hand, such a practice will ensure that a larger number of people will be able to purchase the equipment, it is quite unpopular in the technology industry, although a similar situation was related to the launch of PlayStation 4. Nothing will prevent you from ordering equipment from different shops.

More leaks about the new PlayStation.

In addition, internet “miners” also found other information about the hardware. In their opinion, the sale of preorder may start soon, or even within 2 weeks. It has also been confirmed that some PS4 games will be compatible with PS5 and that their boxes will have a special marking on them. At the start, according to Sony’s assurances, it will be about a hundred titles, but the list will grow as the new generation becomes popular.

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