Sony introduced a new functionality to its store

Sony introduced new functionality to its store

Sony listened to the requests of players and introduced new functionality to its store that will definitely improve shopping. The arms race ahead of the premiere of next-gen consoles continues.

From time to time, Microsoft and Sony present new productions on which players will be able to spend hours. The creators of the PlayStation console also introduce smaller, but extremely important changes in terms of the release of the console without a DVD / Blu-ray drive.

More and more information on new consoles

We know more and more about the new generation consoles day by day. Microsoft revealed that we can expect the premiere of the Xbox Series X console in November. In recent days, information has also leaked that the company founded by Bill Gates will also introduce a cheaper version of its latest device, the Xbox Series S, to the market, this took place on the occasion of the presentation of a photo of a new controller for future consoles.

Sony is a bit more economical in its activities. We still do not know when their latest console will premiere and at what price it will be available on store shelves. Leaks from several stores suggest that the price will fluctuate from 1,800 to 2,500 PLN, but at the moment not much more is known.

The console from Sony also aroused controversy with its appearance, to which the Japanese manufacturer responded by assuring that, like PlayStation 4, also the “five” will be available in several variants of limited editions, which will appear on store shelves from time to time. In addition, information has recently appeared on the Internet that Sony has already reached an agreement with leading game producers that will give the Japanese console a temporary exclusivity for selected titles.

The change players have been waiting for

If you are a gamer who prefers to buy digital games, you will surely enjoy the new functionality that Sony is slowly introducing on its consoles. The Japanese decided to introduce in their store, PS Store, three types of licenses for the titles available in their store. This means that if you have used or are using a selected game via a PS Plus or PlayStation Now subscription you will be able to add this title to your library permanently at the time of the sale.

Screenshots have appeared on the Reddit platform, where you can see that there are three additional buttons next to the selected title with the option to buy the game at the current price. This is certainly one of the steps in preparing Sony systems for the PlayStation 5 market without a data reader. This version of the console will probably be cheaper than the one with a reader and will be based entirely on digital versions of the game library.