Special TikTok estates Appeared in the USA

Only Stars can Afford the Special TikTok estates in the USA

As it became known, a new type of real estate has appeared in the USA special TikTok estates. They are also called content houses and association houses. They bring together young bloggers to live together and create content.

Due to the rapid growth of TikTok’s popularity, popular bloggers of this service were forced to look for a suitable location for filming, which at the same time could act as housing, according to Bloomberg. This is the type of real estate and content houses, to which bloggers, by the way, have certain requirements.

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Since the interiors of such houses are used as a background when creating content, it is necessary that it was as beautiful as possible, but at the same time suitable for filming. It should also have an elevator, a swimming pool, a huge number of bedrooms, private parking, as well as spacious kitchens and seating areas. A separate item is often the need for “excellent species characteristics” of housing.

Special TikTok Estates Price in the USA

It is reported that the average price of such houses is at a level that can only afford the stars of social networks with an income of $30000 to $50000 per month.


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