Spotify and Riot Games have teamed up

Spotify and Riot Games have teamed up

Spotify and Riot Games have teamed up to produce content related to esports and League of Legends in the music streaming service, including a podcast. In addition, thematic playlists and other content should also be published.

The “Untold Stories: The World’s Most Important Moments ” podcast will air later this year. As the name suggests, the nine-episode show will tell the facts that will lead players to the current world championship squad, the 2020 Worlds.

Fans can also check out an exclusive League of Legends Hub on Spotify, which brings together special game-focused content, like Moba’s official playlist of songs, in addition to soundtracks selected by teams participating in the tournament.

The partnership also aims to produce other League of Legends podcasts, behind the scenes of the creation of Songs of the Worlds, produced by artists such as Imagine Dragons, The Glitch Mob and Against The Current, and other news that will be released. announced later.

Despite the novelty, official League of Legends content was regularly available on Spotify before, including playlists. The idea is that now everything is updated as time goes by and new content is released.


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