Spotify now works on Apple Watch, without iPhone

Spotify now works on Apple Watch, without iPhone

Spotify now works on Apple Watch, without iPhone

Spotify has started streaming music and podcasts directly to the Apple Watch app watch. That means Spotify will now works on Apple Watch without iPhone. The novelty was already in the testing phase and uses the watchOS Wi-Fi connection or mobile data to bring the song into the headphones paired with the gadget.

Before this feature was released to more users, Apple Watch’s only use with Spotify was as some sort of remote control of what happens on the iPhone. Playback control was guaranteed, next to the button to enjoy the song and the setting to play the music on another device, like in smart speakers.

From this change, the Spotify app for watchOS is able to use the internet coming into the gadget to stream independent of the iPhone. The connection can be made by Wi-Fi, but if the user has an internet plan for the watch, it is possible to go out and leave the iPhone at home while listening to music and podcasts in the street, with 4G.

Spotify for Apple Watch does not stream offline music

The only apparent limitation is playing songs without the need to log in, with the songs stored in the gadget’s memory, which can have up to 32GB for offline apps and data. For the sake of competition, music Spotify can be stored and listened to in the smartwatch Galaxy Watch, Gear S3, Sport, Fit Fit 2 and 2 Pro Samsung.

There is no date set for the new feature to reach everyone yet. To find out if you’re in the winning group, just tap the icon at the bottom left of the app’s interface while it’s streaming music or a podcast. If your Apple Watchlist appears, just tap it and put on headphones to listen to the song.

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