STALKER 2 New Game Footage

STALKER 2 New Game Footage 

The official page of STALKER 2 on Twitter shared a gif on which you can see new footage complied with two screenshots of the game. An archive photo with the signature Chernobyl 1985 and the same location, but during the game and in color.

GSC Game World, the game’s developer, shares details about the new project infrequently, despite the fact that the game, according to Xbox announcements, should be released next year. So far, we have seen only one trailer, several screenshots, and tracks with music.

The post is accompanied by the phrase “Friends, do not rustle. Let me explain the situation, ”which is uttered by Petrukh’s non-game character. According to the plot of the game STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, the protagonist hears this phrase at the initial stage of the game, during the mission to liberate the ATP from bandits.

Despite the lack of additional information about the game, some fans of the series have suggested that in this way the creators of STALKER 2 hint at the appearance of teleport in the game. “Will the game move in time due to anomalies and will we be able to go back to 1985 to prevent a catastrophe?” – Fans asked.


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