Steven Smith is disappointed by the absence of spectators

Steven Smith is disappointed by the absence of spectators

Steven Smith is disappointed by the absence of spectators. “Whatever the situation, I’m looking forward to getting back on the field,” Smith said as he left Sydney for England. There will be no spectators on the field. Don’t make him angry by calling him a fake.

Even after beating the eggs, the audience who tried to annoy Smith felt remorse in Smith’s voice. “Unfortunately there will be no visitors in the gallery to lay eggs or motivate me,” he said. However, there will be many eyes on the television screen, so the issue of returning to the field is going to add a different dimension.

The last ODI World Cup and Ashes series was a litmus test for Steven Smith. He has just returned to the field after being banned for a year for tampering with the ball. That too on the soil of the eternal enemy England.

Starting from that World Cup. Smith, who lost his captaincy, was not insulted by the English spectators, including ‘cheaters’ and ‘swindlers’! He also repeatedly reminded me of the ball-tampering incident by drawing satirical cartoons on festoon-placards. That Smith is missing the audience this time.

The 21-man Australian cricket team has been placed in quarantine for the time being after the arrival in England. Smith said, ‘I’ll be able to get on the field with the bat again, it’s like I’m going to be sure. Now I am fully prepared to enter the field.

Smith is happy to be able to play cricket at a time when he is making fun of the spectators, ‘I am desperate to return to cricket. But the game is supposed to be a little different in a bio-protected environment and on a field without spectators.

We are lucky to be able to go on tour and play. We have to understand the situation, play as a team, bring out the best in each other. It’s challenging, we’re looking forward to seeing what happens. “