Styling Neck Chains for Men: A Complete Fashion Guide

5 Styling Neck Chains for Men: A Complete Fashion Guide

In the contemporary fashion industry, men’s jewelry is in high demand and Neck chains are one of them. People are keen to explore distinct jewelry options that they can match with their formal and informal motifs.

Keeping this people’s choice in mind, we introduce to you the most look-after styles of neck chain for men, helping you find the best match for your outfits.

So, gear up to experiment with some voguish neck chain styles to spice up your look. Try something on your neck to add a “wow” factor to an otherwise boring outfit.

Neck Chains Styles for Men

Follow the article to find the five classic neck chain styles that amplify your look and amp up your X-factor.

1. Dog Tags

Essentially, Dog Tags are a military thing used in World Wars as a source of identification. But now, this style is willfully embraced as a military style in men’s fashion. The dog tags are no longer a source of identification but can reflect a modicum of self.

You can style these tags with whichever design and emblem you want. Engrave dog tags with anything from a special date to a reminder to a belief and confidently wear this piece of fashion around your neck and flaunt your valor in style.

Style Tip

If the Dog Tags have some personal engraves, you might want to wear them under the shirt to keep them understated. Otherwise, this piece of jewelry should be worn outside to define your style statement.

2. Pendants

Pendant sets are the most common, highly popular, and versatile pieces of fashion accessories in men’s jewelry.

Typically, they are classified as jewelry with a single ornament in a long cord or a chain. The ornament could be anything tiny vial, a jewel, or a name card.

But it must be kept in mind that the size of the pendant must be such that it looks good between the neck and breastbone. Choose a subtle pendant, pair it with a nice neck chain or cord, and get styled up.

Style Tip

Wear it outside casual shirts or T-shirts tucked underneath the turned-down collar. But, be cautious about deep V-necks, as they are bound to show too much of the chest, killing the charm of the pendant.

3. Chains

One of the most sought-after accessories in men’s jewelry is the neck chain. An unornamented metal chain gives the most glitzy, bold, and stylish look. It is a statement fashion accessory and a must-have in a men’s wardrobe.

The chains made of solid stainless steel or precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum are the best choices to flaunt luxury and elegance parallelly.

The neck chain for men is a forever fashion, so we suggest every man must have this piece of jewelry in his wardrobe for a go-to look.

Style Tip

We recommend choosing a 50 cm long chain, as it falls perfectly at the collarbone, giving you an apt look. But, if you are planning on wearing a pedant set, you can choose a 55-63 cm long chain.

With this length, the pendant falls in the center of the chest, making it look good. Mind that the length of the chain and its width are proportional, so choose wisely.

4. Beaded Chains

These neck chains for men have beads as their main element. If you love the bohemian look, this neck chain is a perfect choice for you.

A neck chain made in multi-color beads is a classic choice for a casual or beach party look. A pair of shorts coupled with a casual shirt and a set of beady neck chains is all you need to adorn a statement look.

Style Tip

Keep them understated. Beaded chains are the best style for neck chains. They are specifically worn outside the shirt/t-shirt, so keep it as such for a relaxed and classic look.

5. Chokers

As can be guessed by the name of the neckwear, it is worn around the neck, such that it chokes (not literally) the neck. This neck chain for men does not hang down, and it is fixated around the neck.

Some of the most common trends in this neckchain style-dog collars and woven hemp necklaces (from the hippie style).

You can also experiment with leather or rope to create a distinctive look. Make sure you choose comfortable options that do not choke your neck.

Style Tip

Chokers are all the rage now. Try avoiding metal chokers and chokers with ornaments, as these jewels look distasteful and chunky. Flaunt your sophistication by keeping the chokers minimalist and elegant.


When it comes to jewelry, Why should women have all the fun? Keeping that in mind, we picked up some timeless men’s jewelry and blended it with some pro-styling tips to give the best recommendation for men’s jewelry fashion.

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