Super Mario Bros Becomes Most Expensive Video Game Ever Sold

Super Mario Bros becomes the most expensive video game ever

Super Mario Bros Becomes Most Expensive Video Game Ever Sold

Do you think you spend a lot on games? In the face of the current record, it is probably an extremely small sum. The classic NES game has been sold for an astronomical sum. Interestingly, the previous record also belonged to the same production. Super Mario Bros now become the most expensive video game sold for $ 114,000.


Most Expensive Game Sold in the World

At the auction conducted thanks to the Heritage Auctions platform, an unusual event took place – another record was recorded regarding the most-sold video game in history. This time the amount (probably) the lucky classic owner put out was an astronomical $ 114,000, or about 164000 AUD.

The title of the game, which broke the previous record, however, is not a surprise to anyone. This is Super Mario Bros. from 1985 originally released on Nintendo NES.


A Perfect Collector’s Item

Collectors can surprise us – after all, which ordinary “mortal” might even think of putting as much money into one game? The amount itself is not impressive, however, when we consider that the game is the best-rated production on NES and at the same time a real legend.

Anyway, it translated into the success of the console itself. It is worth mentioning that the copy sold for so much money was foiled, which eventually had to be reflected in the costs.


Previous Record

Super Mario Bros. condition on NESa was rated 9.4 out of 10, so the copy is almost in perfect condition. Interestingly, the previous record also belonged to exactly the same game and in a similar state.

The record was broken last year – the production was sold for $ 100,150. Probably the owners of that game must be proud of themselves that they missed the opportunity and did not “overpay”.

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