Suresh Raina's uncle Ashok Kumar was killed

Suresh Raina’s uncle Ashok Kumar was killed

Accordingly, the family of Asha Devi, Raina’s paternal sister, lives in the village of Thariyal in Pathankot. The family is currently under attack by mysterious individuals. Suresh Raina’s uncle Ashok Kumar was killed in the attack and his aunt Usha Devi is being treated at a hospital in a life-threatening condition. And two of their sons were injured in the attack.

Suresh Raina returned to India for personal reasons. He also mentioned that the Chennai Super Kings will support Suresh Raina’s family in such moments as he will not be participating in this IPL series. In this situation, the reason for Suresh Raina’s return to the country has been published by the daily newspaper Jagran.

It has also been reported that the mother of 80-year-old Ashok Kumar was also injured in the attack. But the culprits have not been identified yet and it seems that action will be taken against them soon. It is noteworthy that the particular newspaper reported that Suresh Raina had returned to India due to these problems.


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