System Shock Remake New Gameplay

System Shock Remake New Gameplay 

We still await news of the new System Shock, but the premiere of the remake of “One” is inexorably close. On the latest System Shock Remake gameplay, the creators talk about cyberspace and dismembering enemies.  System Shock is so legendary that few remember about it. And even fewer people associate that we are looking forward to a remake of the first part and a full-fledged “three”.


System Shock – immersive sim on a new level

At a time when the first Doom was triumphant, and The Elder Scrolls: Arena, defining the industry, was to hit our computers, another game also appeared, which was distinguished by outstanding gameplay for those times. Although System Shock turned out to be one of the most important games in history, it was kind of killed by marketing, as well as the fact that some players were not ready for a production that was ahead of its time.

The game was advertised as a competition to Doom, though it actually had little to do with him. System Shock is an immersive sim in which we played the role of a hacker who woke up on a space station after a neuro implant surgery. It turned out that the entire facility is controlled by a rebellious artificial intelligence called Shodan, and we have to put an end to this revolution. In ’94, a combination of FPS, RPG,

System Shock has not been forgotten

And while the SS received overwhelmingly great feedback from reviewers for its premiere, its sales were fine at best. The players were not ready for all this, but in the minds of many, the game remained one of the most important in history. After many years we lived to see – we regularly gain new information about the remaking of the first part and the full-fledged “three” that has been created for a long time.

The problem is that System Shock 3 is not doing too well. The game went to the Chinese giant Tencent, who was to deal with its future. Fortunately, the IP rights remain with Nightdive, which only licenses them to OtherSide, currently working on the production. We hope that a cash injection from Tencent will help with the work, and industry legend Warren Spector will bring the iconic game to an end.

A remake of System Shock will be released soon

Meanwhile, NIghtdive is working on a full-fledged remake of the first System Shock, originally released in 1994. Everything portends that the game will finally see the light of day, as long as nothing has changed in this matter, even this year. Although the product looks fantastic graphically and seems to keep the idea of ​​the original, it may be a bit disturbing for the “lumpy” and austere interiors of the space station.

Still, there are other elements that look good, for example dismembering enemies. We can see this on the latest gameplay in which the creators discuss this gameplay mechanics. In addition, we also got an insight into cyberspace, which looks freshly refreshed from the original. Remember that on Steam and GOG you can still find a demo available for download!