Telegram Releases New Feature Update

Telegram Releases New Feature Update

Telegram, one of the messaging applications we use frequently today, has become more functional with this update. Telegram, which added many features like animated stickers last month, continues to progress day by day. With the new version 6.3, Telegram Releases New Feature Update here are all the details

New feature update for Telegram has been released.

With the new update to the Telegram application, users can now use profile videos instead of profile pictures. When you use profile video with this feature, when someone enters your profile, a short video will be played instead of the profile picture.

You will also be able to review your profile pictures and videos that you have used before and use them as the main profile picture. Another added feature is that a random picture or video that was taken with the front camera can be edited with a soft skin alternative in the media editor.

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If we look at other features that came with the update, Telegram has kept the file download limit as 1.5 GB for a few years, but with this update, this limit has been increased to 2 GB. In addition, Telegram has begun to develop the feature of nearby people who report the distance between you and your contacts.

And when someone sends you a photo from now on, you’ll be able to see a small picture of the photo without going into the chat. The latest innovation that comes with the update is that the music player area in the application has been redesigned only for Android users.