Teracube 2e Price, Specifications and Features

Teracube 2e an affordable phone made from biodegradable materials

The American company “Terakube” offers fans of safe, from an environmental point of view, products to “invest” in a new phone. Its name is Teracube 2e. The main feature of the device is a housing made of recyclable biodegradable materials. The proposal was posted on the Indiegogo Community Funding platform.

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There is no glue in the device, the body parts are bolted. The packaging for your phone is half the size of conventional packaging and is also made from environmentally friendly materials. Those who have invested in the new product are promised a full 4-year warranty on the device.

Teracube 2e Specifications:

  • display type – HD + 6.1 “;
  • camera with 8 and 13 megapixel sensors;
  • processor type – “MediaTech Helio A25”;
  • memory (GB) – 4/64;
  • OS type – Android 10;
  • NFC support (contactless payment);
  • number of SIM cards – 2.

In addition, the Teracube 2e has USB-C, headphones,s, and MicroSD connectors, as well as support for Wi-Fi and the fifth Bluetooth 5.0. Replacement battery included.

Teracube 2e Price

Teracube 2e in Europe is available at a price of $99. While the cost of Teracube 2e smartphone in the rest of the world is not confirmed yet.