The actress voicing Abby of The Last of Us is being harassed

The actress voicing Abby of The Last of Us is being harassed

We have already seen many times that games can arouse very strong emotions among recipients. Unfortunately, sometimes the emotions are so strong that some people stop seeing the line between fiction and reality. This is the case with some fans of the second part of The Last of Us who have taken some story solutions too much to heart. Many people have sent threats to the actress voicing Abby of the last of us and harassed her on social media.

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At this point, it is worth mentioning that people more sensitive to spoilers read the article at their own risk, but we will try to outline the situation avoiding revealing too many storylines from the latest Naughty Dog game.


Great game, great emotions

At The Last of Us 2, the gaming community was eagerly awaiting. The first part of the game from the Naughty Dog studio has become one of the most important consoles of the previous generation, as evidenced by the fact that it has a remaster on PlayStation 4.

The second part met the expectations of players serving once again a poignant history of post-apocalyptic vision of the world. Some players, however, took too much to heart certain story solutions, which felt the people involved in the production.


Fictitious decisions, real threats

One of the victims of this type of behavior is actress Laura Bailey, who voiced Abby, one of the protagonists of The Last of Us 2. Recently Neil Druckmann spoke about the situation but did not reveal who he was talking about. In the end, the interested party took the floor herself and told in her social media about the persecution that affects her because of the story solutions in the game.

The voice actress wrote on Twitter that some people send her threats in which they wish the actress and her family to die. There are also threats of completely punishable threats, one of the dissatisfied “fans” wrote bluntly that he would find the actress himself and murder her. Why? All thanks to the story solution in which the main character dubbed by Laura Bailey kills one of the side characters. While the decision of the game developers can be irritating,