The beginning was on napkin paper, the end was on fax paper

The beginning was on napkin paper, the end was on fax paper

Messi bids farewell to Spanish club Barcelona Messi, who grew up there, became a legend. The consequences of waiting. That can be known at any time. Messi’s next destination, Messi’s future. Messi beginning was on napkin paper, the end was on fax paper. The end of the history that begins with Club Barcelona signing a napkin paper with this 12-year-old boy in Argentina, is it going to end with Fax Paper.

Football was meditation since childhood. Which makes it very easy to get acquainted locally. But at just 11 years old, Messi was diagnosed with growth hormone problems. Although the local club River Plate showed their interest in Messi, it was not possible for them to bear the cost of Messi’s treatment at that time. The amount was 900 US dollars per month. As a result, Messi’s future is uncertain.

At a time when Messi’s future was uncertain, the then Barcelona sports director Carles Rexach came to Messi’s side. Messi’s talent impressed him so much that he signed a contract with Messi’s father on a napkin paper when he did not have any papers at hand during his contract with 13-year-old Messi of Argentina.

Not only that, but the Argentine also agreed to bear all the expenses of the treatment of the boy. Then Messi and his father moved to Barcelona. There, Messi joined Barcelona’s youth academy La Masia and resumed his playing career with renewed vigour. Then I did not have to look back. In the fascination of his feet, Messi just ran and ran. He made Barcelona’s jersey the skin of his body and turned it into Camp Nou in his homeland.

He made his debut for Barcelona in October 2004. Only 18 years and 114 days old. Big hair on the head, the opponent was Espanyol. Then there is the record and the record until the last time Bayern Munich is on the field in 2020. Ballon d’Or six times, highest goal in La Liga history (444), six times FIFA World Player of the Year, two treble wins, one goal in one season (69)

Messi is now one of the greatest players in football history. The biggest advertisement for the club that gave new life to Messi at one time. The biggest advertisement for the league in which you are playing. However, due to the continuous decline of the club, non-agreement with the board and various other reasons, Messi has terminated Barcelona. The tour, which began in 2000 on a napkin paper, is set to end in 2020 via Borofax (certified letter).

There are many rumours and news about the possibility of Messi leaving Barcelona. Differences between the directors of Barcelona have also been mentioned in various reports. The Catalan team also said in a press conference that they will plan everything around Messi on the way forward. Many of Barcelona’s current board officials have been washed away by former club officials. Supporters, ranging from former officials, have also demanded the resignation of President Josep Maria Bartomeu.


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