The Cowboy Boots with Bandana a new Shoe Trend 2020

The Cowboy Boots with Bandana a new Shoe Trend 2020

Are you looking for a fashionable shoe model for fall-winter 2020? The cowboy boots with customized bandana seem to be one of the new trends of the moment.

Boots with a bandana: the fall 2020 trend

You may remember one of the big shoe trends of the past year: the cognac low boots. This shoe remains in fashion this year. However, we spotted a new trend: the boot with a bandana. Many shops are currently selling boots decorated with a scarf. On some models, the scarf wraps around the entire ankle. On other ankle boots, it is simply hung on the back of the shoe. You can find them in stores offering cheap shoes, like Gémo.

Why buy a pair of boots with ribbon?

What we like about this concept is that on most boots, the scarf is removable. If this piece of fabric decorates our shoes, it can also be used for: to comb their hair, cinch a dress around the waist, complete a look by wrapping it around the neck or wrist. And if you are still hesitating to buy cowboy boots with a bandana, here are some ideas for the perfect looks.

Bandana boots with shorts

With short jeans or leather shorts, or even with a mini-skirt, these personalized ankle boots with a ribbon are perfect. Add a fringed satchel and a hat, and you will really look like a rock star.

A perfect match between scarf ankle boots and a long skirt

Are you more of a bohemian? As you know, ankle boots go ideally with a long skirt. But decorated with a bandana, the hippie-chic effect is increased tenfold!

Cowgirl look with jeans and boots with a bandana

For a more country look, we prefer pants to wear with his scarf boots. And to transform into a real cowgirl, we prefer jeans rather than any other pants, which we enter in cowboy boots. We complete the outfit by putting on denim or checked shirt, of course!