The Impact of Personnel Management on Performance

The Impact of Personnel Management on Performance

The Impact of Personnel Management on Performance

Is your business showing drops in performance? What if better management of your staff was the key to success? A good organization and good management of the personnel represent the first assets of success. Good or bad personnel management can have a direct impact on a company’s performance.

This is why most companies have a Human Resources department entirely devoted to the management of staff or work teams. This service deploys all the necessary means in order to make the most of the company’s human capital. There is also HRIS software to help HR improve their management.

The Importance of Good Personnel Management

Good personnel management is a determining factor for the performance of a company. Personnel management is an HR concept that refers to the mandatory administrative and legal provisions that all companies must comply with. It includes several aspects.

First of all, there is a process for recruiting new agents or collaborators. Then there is the monitoring and management of employees’ working time (actual hours, absences, paid or unpaid leave, sick leave, etc.). This area also includes the establishment of the program and the report of activities.

Human Resources also ensure compliance with the legal provisions in force set by labor legislation. These include membership in social organizations, occupational safety, contract management, etc. Staff management then appears to be a very important and above all time-consuming task.

Effective personnel management must make it possible to assist each employee, from their integration into the company until their departure. The Human Resources department is responsible, among other things, for employment contracts (formalization, signature, renewal, modification), the constitution of the personal files of each employee, the consistency between the employee’s performance, and the dashboard indicators HR. Depending on the economic situation, can also be assigned the functions of social dialogue between the operational base and the strategic summit.

There are several tools to carry out your personnel management, including HRIS software. Managing your personnel well means saving time and better organizing your procedures. This helps to avoid possible conflicts as well as to improve the working conditions of your employees and therefore their productivity.

Digitize the personnel management process

In order to strengthen the quality of your personnel management, it is essential to ensure that it is optimized through the use of a digital Human Resources management solution.

One of the tools par excellence, used by many companies, is the HRIS (Human Resources Information System). It is one of the most recent software in personnel management. It makes it possible to respond in a significant way to various problems of this department of the company. This frees up time to devote to other tasks for more productivity.

It is a type of software package designed to assist Human Resources in their various activities by integrating the HR CORE (a set of functions at the heart of HR animation). The HRIS is a global HR management solution that enables the quality of life at work to be assessed with reliable data. It is a software adapted to the needs of VSEs and SMEs.

There is a lot of software available to help businesses, created thanks to technological advancements in recent years. HRIS software offers many benefits for improving business performance.

Automation of Tasks

The first advantage of adopting HRIS software is the automation of the entire Human Resources department. These instruments help HR in their missions by allowing the centralization of data, but above all a more transparent collaboration between the different departments. The time saving is enormous since it avoids the members of the department to perform repetitive and sometimes time-consuming tasks.

Guarantee of the visibility and transparency of the management process

The second point that you should keep in mind is ensuring the visibility and transparency of the management process. Once employees have mastered the tool, it is easier to perform certain operations. As a result, requests for absences, the account of the hours worked, the reimbursement of expense reports, are processed more quickly.

The fluid flow of information between your different departments
This is a major problem in the business that HRIS software can effectively solve. The managers and members of the various departments no longer need to meet to communicate and exchange user data. Whether it is the technical teams or the agents of the accounting and financial department, the use of this collaborative tool can greatly improve the flow of information.

Individual monitoring of employees and the security of Human Resources data
This is a major advantage for your business. The HRIS software participates in the creation and management of individual profiles for each employee. This allows its progress and performance to be examined to determine if it is aligned with the metrics on the HR dashboard.

This data can also be used to determine employee needs, as well as to see individual responsibility, level of involvement, and difficulties. In addition, HRMS is secure software compliant with the GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation ). It is more reliable than a traditional backup method.

Tips to Improve Your Personnel Management

It is important to frequently question an approach, in order to constantly continue to improve it. It is an essential factor of development. If you want to reorganize your personnel management, here are some good practices to achieve your goals.

Clear and well-structured HR processes

As personnel management is a task that corresponds to the Human Resources department, it is important that this department be properly structured. Its missions and procedures must be clear and transparent.

Scrupulous compliance with legal obligations in terms of labor law

Your company must respect at all costs the legal guidelines in relation to the world of work. It is part of good personnel management. Failure to comply with these rules may expose you to penalties in the event of a labor inspection. The name compliance with these obligations can also lead to conflicts with employees and give rise, for example, to resignations or strike action.

You may be subject to legal action by your own employees who benefit from social protection. This will also result in generating conflicts and situations of tension, between the personnel and the executives of the company.

In addition, certain provisions are internal to the company and contribute to its proper functioning, such as the internal regulations which must be followed and applied by everyone. It is important to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

Efficient Management of HR Dashboards

We advise you to create good indicators, to accurately assess the performance of your employees since you can only check the quality of your staff according to relevant criteria. To this end, the HR dashboard is an essential tool for any good Human Resources department. Particularly when it comes to making decisions concerning employees: request for training, assignment to other units, or even elimination of certain positions and dismissal, etc.

Raise Awareness and Train Employees

It is imperative for company managers to be able to integrate their employees through socialization and the corporate culture while ensuring that they become more and more familiar with all the activities involved in staff management.

Thus, employees will understand the need to cooperate with the Human Resources department in order to promote information sharing. Both will work to create a climate of trust encouraging team spirit for better performance.

Stakes and issues of HR digitization

Digitizing service is almost a necessity in a world where digital technology is booming. Cases of force majeure, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, have shown that the digitization of these services could save the company from a shutdown of its activity. It is recommended for HR at different levels.

First of all, because in a competitive environment, time is of the essence. Digitizing HR drastically reduces declines in inactivity, but also errors related to departmental operations. Then, digitization makes it possible to have an overview and to be able to detect and manage talent, but also to train or replace failing employees.

When we know that competing companies are ready to hire your most competent employees to improve their workforce, it is important to manage your teams well and ensure their development. Finally, this solution improves the relationship between the employees and the hierarchy, which contributes to a good performance and to joint efforts in the achievement of your objectives.

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