The Joker Malware is Back Uninstall these Applications Right Now

The Joker Malware is Back Uninstall these Applications Right Now

The Joker malware, known for its dangerousness, has been spotted once again in six applications available for download on the Play Store. The malware is able to sign users of these apps into expensive subscriptions without their knowledge. After the fake parcel delivery SMS, Android users are still threatened by other malware and not just any malware. We’re not talking about a new kid on the block since it’s Joker. As a reminder, this malware was discovered in 2019 in around twenty apps from the Play Store.

This malware was distinguished from other malware by its particular mode of operation. Indeed, Joker is more insidious in the sense that it is responsible for registering users of these infected applications to subscriptions or expensive services, all without their knowledge. The malware uses the credit card registered on the Play Store to automatically charge victims.

“ Joker is a malware whose main activity is to simulate clicks and intercept SMS to subscribe to unwanted paid services without the knowledge of users”, explain the computer security researchers of the company Pradeo, responsible for this new discovery of Joker.

Joker, a very discreet malware

To avoid arousing suspicion, the malware takes care of intercepting bank authentication SMS and authorization codes. Thus, it validates the operation and then leaves no trace. Impossible for the victim to know where this sample comes from and when she gave her authorization. This is the main strength of Joker malware: it is extremely difficult to detect once installed on a smartphone.

In truth, the only way for the victim to notice the deception is to consult his accounts. And at this precise moment, it is already too late. In addition, the malware works to conceal infected applications from users. Indeed, as reported by a large number of testimonials, these infected apps do not appear in the application drawer, making their removal more complicated.

To uninstall them, you must go to your smartphone’s settings, in the Applications section, and then remove the app in question. Here is the list of applications infected by Joker:

  • Safety AppLock
  • Convenient Scanner 2
  • Push Message-Texting & SMS
  • Emoji Wallpaper
  • Separate Doc Scanner
  • Fingertip GameBox

According to information from the company Pradeo, these applications have managed to accumulate 200,000 downloads … Google was warned of the situation and immediately removed the infected apps from the Play Store.


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