The Most Preferred Technologies in the Holidays After Pandemic

The Most Preferred Technologies in the Holidays After Pandemic

While the COVID-19 outbreak caused major changes in our lives, the holiday approach was shaped accordingly. In the new period, what will be the most preferred technologies that increase entertainment also gain importance in the holidays after the pandemic with smaller groups?

While popular holiday destinations or crowded holidays are not preferred to maintain social distance, the number of people going to the summer resort, camping in nature, and using caravan is increasing. When the number of people who go on holiday decreases and crowded places is not preferred, the understanding of entertainment also changes. New generation technological products are helping to meet this entertainment need.

Mobile cinema experience

Those who want to have fun on holiday can watch their favorite movies, series, and videos with the innovative products of Anker Nebula portable projector series. Offering high brightness images with DLP technology, Nebula devices can be easily carried in the bag with their pocket-sized sizes.

Offering a unique cinema experience with the ability to display images up to 150 inches in size, the Nebula family can reflect content from popular apps such as YouTube and Netflix with its iOS and Android-powered mobile app.

Nebula portable projectors, which can be easily connected to many devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers and portable discs with USB, HDMI and Wi-Fi connections, guarantee a pleasant time on holiday with high resolutions, powerful internal speakers and up to 4 hours of playtime.

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Long charging time and water-resistant Bluetooth speakers are with you every time of a holiday. Those who can’t do without music have stunning sound experience with Anker’s Soundcore category brand Motion and Rave series portable speakers.

The small models, which can be carried even in the pocket of the Motion series, provide high-quality sound with Hi-Res certification and powerful sound output with high wattage values. Portable speakers, which can be easily connected to any mobile device via Bluetooth, allow you to make special settings according to the music you listen to with their mobile applications.

Water-resistant options, which are among the Soundcore models that allow you to listen to music as recorded by the artists, also adds a unique comfort to the life of the holidaymakers. These IPX7 certified devices will be with you at any time of the holiday with up to 12 hours of listening time.