The new Splinter Cell is on its way

The new Splinter Cell is on its way

The Splinter Cell series has slowly been forgotten since the last part released almost 7 years ago. Perhaps, however, Ubisoft is preparing a surprise for all of us and a new Splinter Cell game is on the way. Unofficial information was revealed in an interview by the Italian dubbing actor of the series’s main character, Sam Fisher.

Splinter Cell is a legendary series – the first part, released in 2002, defined the whole genre of stealth and presented the concept of hiding in the shadows in a slightly more accessible way than Metal Gear Solid. Suffice it to say that Ubisoft has forgotten the legend a bit.

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The company known to many players for (to put it mildly) “basing on a proven concept” has not released any new information about the potential continuation of the cherished cycle for almost 7 years, perhaps because the final part, Blacklist, turned out to make less than expected. This is probably why the legendary Sam Fisher retired.

Continue on the road

Luca Ward is a dubbing actor who gives voice to the main character, Sam Fisher, in the Italian editions of Splinter Cella. The artist in Italy is known for his love for the series. A year ago, the next part was discussed, when Ward began to publish a lot of materials from the series on Twitter. As reported by the multiplayer its website, the actor admitted in a recent interview that the next edition is actually being created. In his opinion, the next part of the secret agent’s adventures was to be announced this year, but the coronavirus pandemic caused a number of delays at Ubisoft.

Splinter Cell VR? Please do not

Ubisoft previously announced that perhaps the new version of Splinter Cell will be created with VR goggles in mind. Fans of the series would probably have fallen into a rage, which is why the CEO of the French publisher stated several months ago that talks about the next part of the series were underway.

This one, however, would be “experimental” for the cycle. And although I strongly believe that Sam Fisher will come back one day, I am a bit afraid of the rumors about the mentioned VR. We hope that Ubisoft will resurrect the legendary brand in a big way.