Things to Avoid While Charging your Smartphone

10 Things to Avoid While Charging Your Smartphone

There are a few things you need to avoid in your daily routine to extend the battery life of your smartphone while charging. This post will provide a few suggestions for charging your smartphone and extending its battery life.

Currently, more than a billion people use Android/iOS devices. Everyone experiences difficulty with battery replenishment.

Things to Avoid When Your Smartphone is Charging 

A smartphone operating system such as Android consumes significantly more battery than others. The typical smartphone battery life is approximately 7-8 hours. Before purchasing any phone, battery life was always a crucial element for consumers to consider.

1. Avoid Replica Charger

It is optimal to charge your phone with its charger. Because of our hectic schedule, we frequently failed to bring the original charger and carried a copy instead.

This is what influences the performance of a battery. If you are using a replacement charger, verify the output voltage (V) and current (A) of the charger (Ampere).

2. Avoid Fast Chargers

Rapid chargers may not be the greatest solution for the overall health of your battery. In the long term, charging your smartphone using a rapid charger can harm the battery.

This method requires a greater voltage, resulting in a high temperature. Thus, avoid utilizing quick chargers.

3. Dont Remove the Case Cover

You may have observed that while our phone is charging, it becomes a little warm. Ensure that the phone’s protective case is removed before charging.

This can function as a barrier and impede heat transfer. Whenever feasible, attempt to charge the phone on its back

4. Never Leave Your Phone Plugged in Overnight

Many people, including myself, leave their phones plugged in overnight to charge. Simply, we must end this practice.

Charging your smartphone overnight reduces its battery life and causes it to overheat. So, ensure that you unplug your device when you believe it to be fully charged.

5. Prevent Third-party Battery Applications

You may already have a battery or power management application loaded on your smartphone. Numerous applications on the Google Play Store claim to boost Android’s battery life.

Unfortunately, these apps will not help your battery because they raise the smartphone’s burden and drive it to consume more battery power.

6. Avoid Gaming

Everyone enjoys playing mobile games on their smartphones. Currently, video games are so addicting that we cannot live without them.

But, if gaming is the primary cause of your battery drain, you should refrain from playing games while charging. This will not only quickly charge your smartphone, but it will also eliminate any difficulties with overheating.

7. Always Charge up to 80 percent

We must confess that an 80% charge is sufficient for a day and is optimized for battery life. Reaching the 80% threshold can cause your battery to overheat, shortening its lifespan. So, it is not required that your smartphone’s battery always be fully charged.

8. Prevent Continuous Recharging

We always charge our smartphones when the battery hits 50 percent. Unfortunately, that is not the best course of action.

Before plugging in the device, the battery must be discharged to roughly 20 percent. According to studies, needless and frequent recharges reduce the battery’s longevity.

9. Use Powerbanks

A power bank is an optimal solution to increase the battery life of your smartphone. But, while purchasing a power bank, there are a few factors to consider, such as the power bank’s protection against voltage surges, short circuits, and overcharging. These characteristics will extend the battery life of your smartphone.

10. Don’t Use Your Phone With Power Bank

Using a smartphone while it is charging is, as we all know, probably not a good idea. Thus, you should refrain from using your phone while it is connected to the power bank.

Using your phone while it is linked to a power bank can raise its internal temperature and decrease its battery life.


Here are the ten typical mistakes you should never make when your smartphone is charging. To extend the life of your battery, you should avoid the following errors.

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