Things to Avoid While Charging your Smartphone

Things to Avoid While Charging your Smartphone: published expert advice

Experts did not recommend using the Internet or charging the device while talking on the phone. According to OBOZREVATEL, such actions lead to excessive heating of the smartphone, and as a result, the gadget will fail sooner. Here below you can find the other Things to Avoid While Charging your Smartphone to increase your smartphone’s life.

Note that experts have come to this conclusion after conducting a series of tests, measuring the surface temperature of the smartphone. It turned out that in the “quiet” state the temperature is 23 degrees. But after using the smartphone for 30 minutes, the temperature of the back cover rose to 32 degrees.

At the same time, if you turn on the video from the network (or start the browser) and talk on the phone – the temperature reaches 40 degrees and slowly begins to rise. The smartphone also gets very hot if you continue to talk on the phone while charging from the mains.

Experts stressed that the recommended battery temperature should not exceed 60 degrees. Let’s explain that the smartphone heats up for several reasons: the display, the chips inside, and the battery. At the same time, the higher the temperature, the faster the parts and the battery wear out.