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Things You Need to Know Before Creating a Website

Things You Need to Know  Before Creating a Website

Creating a website is not as difficult as it may seem at first, if you have zero knowledge on the subject it is understandable that at the beginning you are still lost with basic concepts and that you do not know where to start. That’s why I made this article, to show you some of the things you need to know before creating your own website.


6 Things to Consider Before Creating a Website


1. There are Free and Paid websites

In the beginning, we can find that we can start a website in two different ways: through a page in which we do not pay any penny or with a content management system in which we must pay for a domain and hosting.

If you don’t know what a domain and hosting is, I recommend you read: Domain and hosting What is it and why is it so important?

In addition to the monetary difference, if you create a more professional site where you must pay for certain things, you have greater freedom over a large number of options where you would not have a free one.

I do not want to go into this topic too thoroughly so as not to make this article very long, but if you want to know more about it, you can read: Differences between a free website and a paid one.


2. Earning Money is not that Simple

Since there are online jobs, many people think that making money either by making a website or creating videos on YouTube is simple, but the truth is that it is not and it takes a lot of work to get your first payment.

If you monetize with Google Adsense (which is the most normal thing in the world), to charge you must reach a minimum of $ 100, you will not receive payment until you reach this figure, regardless of whether a few months or more than a year pass.

And if you start something from scratch, reaching that figure can take a long time, so it is normal for many people to become discouraged after going several months without receiving any payment.

It is about being constant and working almost daily despite the fact that in your first months you do not receive money for your work.


3. You Must Learn

This may seem obvious, but it is something that not many have in mind and that is that you must learn basic concepts and how these content management systems work because each one works in a slightly different way.

You must learn a little about programming codes, at least the basics, because yes, many times you will need to place codes and you must know where they are put.

In addition to learning about many other things and knowing what you can play and what is better to leave as is if you do not know very well about something, since it has happened to me several times that I touch something that I should not and “ruin” an entire website for something that it seems that it is not very important.


4. You Must Create Content Daily

Depending on what your site is, it may require more or less time, taking a news website as an example, you must be aware all the time if something happens that you can write about, which indicates that the time you work It not only depends on when you are writing but on being attentive to social networks and other media about something you can talk about.


5. You Don’t have a Fixed Salary

With the phrase “I am my own boss” also comes another that more or less would say “you earn what you work” and that is the case. If you work a lot (and not least, you do it well), your earnings will be greater than if you worked from time to time.

No matter how much you work, do not expect to get a stable salary at the end of the month, since one month you can earn $ 600 and the next you can reduce up to $ 400 or even less. It all depends on the season of the year. You must pay attention to which months of the year you receive more money and which ones you receive less.


6. Your Earnings May Depend on your Niche

The niche is what your website is about, that is, the category. There are websites that pay much more than others. For example, a technology website pays more than one for entertainment or cooking recipes; Similarly, one on cars pays more than one on technology.

Even knowing this, do not torture yourself and choose the one that pays the best only for that reason. It’s better to write about what you like, even if it pays less to write something about what you don’t like and after a few months, you decide to quit.

Anyway, these are 6 things that I consider to be important and that everyone who ventures into this world of websites should know. I hope it has served you and I hope this does not discourage you, on the contrary, I want you to know that at first, it will not be easy, but later if you put effort into it it will be worth it.


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