TikTok banned in Pakistan

TikTok banned in Pakistan – PTA Impose a Ban on TikTok

PTA imposed a ban on Social App TikTok because of immoral and indecent content. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Banned TikTok social media platform as it failed to comply with requests from the authorities.

Previously said that implementation has an obligation to “moderate socialization and content within legal and moral boundaries” under existing Pakistani laws.

Pakistan’s telecommunications Authority issued a notice in July, stating that it was a “final warning” for the implementation, urging TikTok to “implement a comprehensive mechanism to control obscenity, vulgarity and immorality through its social networks. request.”

‘Last warning.’

On July 20, PTA announced that it had issued a final warning to TikTok after receiving a “series of complaints … of different segments of society against immoral, obscene and vulgar content in social media applications, particularly Tik Tok and Bigo.”

Complaints, the regulatory body added, also included the “extremely negative effects of applications on society at large and youth in particular.”

‘PM Imran Khan wants TikTok to be banned.’

Recently, on September 26, a report by The News quoted information minister Shibli Faraz saying that Prime Minister Imran Khan believes that social media apps like TikTok are seriously damaging society’s values and should be blocked.

Speaking to the publication, Shibli Faraz said: “Prime Minister Imran is extremely concerned about the growing obscenity and vulgarity in society and has ordered all relevant sections to stop the trend before it destroys the socio-religious values of Pakistani society.”

The information minister said the prime minister had discussed this issue with him not once or twice, but 15 or 16 times and wants a comprehensive strategy to curb the spread of “vulgarity” in society through major media, social media and their applications.


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