TikTok became the Second Most Popular App Among Teens

TikTok beat Instagram by becoming the second most popular social app for teens

According to the Piper Sandler company, the popularity of the Chinese app TikTok is currently the second most popular app among American teens, after Snapchat. According to the report, 34% of teens named Snapchat their favorite social app, while 29% chose TikTok. Facebook’s Instagram sits behind Snapchat and TikTok. Only 25% of teens choose it as their favorite social app.

Thanks to the emergence of TikTok in the media arena, people again actively spoke about the significant impact of different social networks on the minds of adolescents. In addition, social networking applications have recently gained in popularity. This is particularly visible in the United States, where users are the most active.

Interestingly, according to the report, the actual use of the app is a whole different story. In this regard, Instagram still takes the top spot with 84% user engagement, followed by Snapchat with 80% and TikTok with 69%.

The report shows that TikTok continues to gain market share among young US users who are a key group of social media applications. Additionally, teens are a critical interest group for advertisers, and advertisers, in turn, are a source of income for applicants.

The new data is particularly interesting in the context of the US government’s ongoing litigation with TikTok.


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