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TikTok Plans to Move Headquarters to London

TikTok Plans to Move Headquarters to London

TikTok Plans to Move Headquarters to London

If there is an application that is constantly in discussion due to the country of origin, this is TikTok. Earlier this month, the Indian government banned Tiktok, while the US plans to follow the same path. Nowadays, it is reported that the TikTok company plans to move its headquarters to London as a step to reduce Chinese image and perception.

According to a new Reuters report, TikTok is in talks with the UK government to move its headquarters to London. The company can significantly increase its workforce in regions other than London and China in the coming years. However, London is only one of the places where the company plans to move, so the location has not been finalized according to the report yet.

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TikTok’s parent company ByteDance has recently expanded TikTok’s engineering and research and development activities at Mountain View in California. Therefore, Mountain View may be one of the other places the company might consider.

In fact, there are conflicting reports about TikTok’s passion for moving to London. Reuters’ sources say that TikTok is still in talks with the UK government, while another report by The Sunday Times shows that the company has withdrawn talks due to a “wider geopolitical context”.

This is not the first time we have heard of TikTok’s resettlement plans. A few months ago, it was reported that ByteDance’s firm plans to move its decision-making powers and research team from China. Despite these persistent claims, current TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer promises that the company will not transfer the data of TikTok users to the Chinese government.

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