TikTok to start cracking down on weight loss ads

TikTok to start cracking down on weight loss ads

TikTok announced this Wednesday, September 23 that it will ban ads for products that promote weight loss under 18. According to the social network, the new policy aims to ban content that encourages body shame and other negative or unhealthy practices related to body image.

In addition to the bans for minors, specific advertisements for fasting apps and weight loss supplements will be banned on the platform.

Why TikTok is Cracking Down Weight Loss Ads

Advertisements for products and services that promote weight control or loss will also be subjected to more rigorous analysis, brands will not be able to advertise that disparages body image or induces a negative relationship with food.

“ As a society, the stigma of weight and shame on the body represents individual and cultural challenges, and we know that the internet if left unchecked, can make these problems worse. is why we strive to protect our community from harmful content and behavior while supporting an inclusive, and positive – environment for the body, ”says the TikTok release.

Scams in TikTok used app ads and bogus pills to trick users

The move comes weeks after a security report from Tenable, which identified scams using advertisements to promote bogus services and products on the social network, some of which promised rapid weight loss through apps and tools. miracle pills. According to TikTok, these ads were removed as soon as the security company issued the alert.


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