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9 Tips for Choosing the Best Insurance for Your Dog

Dog insurance offers great advantages to owners. These allow you to maintain your health both in case of accidents and due to various ailments. Some also cover the fixed periodic expenses that you must make.

Although it is common for each insurer to offer protection against illnesses, and accidents, all of them have different coverage in insured amounts and also differ in specific coverage. In addition, some also offer ongoing maintenance expenses for your dog with or without limits.

For example, some may offer you free heartworm treatment as part of their normal service. This coverage is not included in some insurers except with additional payment.

An additional example is the normal expenses that you have to make each month for the care of your pet, some companies include these expenses at no additional cost, and in others, you must pay separately to obtain coverage.

It is convenient to compare each one of the coverages, the sums insured in each protection, but also the deductibles or coinsurance that you will have to pay in case they apply in some of the insurers.


Tips to Choose the Best Insurance for Your Dog

While they differ in exactly where they rank pet insurers, they tend to agree on most of what they consider to be the best insurers, saving you a lot of comparison shopping as you only have a few companies to choose from the most suitable for your situation.

Insurance for your dog is not sold by all insurers, but only by a small number of them. Few companies that sell property or life insurance have their pet insurance plans, so many of them sell insurance from the pet insurers they think are the best.

By noting which insurers work in partnership with the most reliable or most important insurers in other lines, you will be able to find the best insurers and this will simplify the comparison.


Choice Based On Deductibles and Coinsurance

The greatest coverage is offered by the insurer that does not apply deductibles or coinsurance or those that have the lowest ones. By hiring insurance for your dog with a high deductible and coinsurance, the premium will cost you less, but in any case, in which you require services for your dog, you will have to pay more out of your pocket.

However, you should consider what you are willing to pay for the insurance and choose a deductible and coinsurance level that suits you to moderate the premiums to the level you consider necessary, knowing that you will be absorbing a certain risk in each claim but with the protection that you need. Paying 10 or 15% of the total cost of an intervention is already protection that can be useful and satisfactory.

As long as you can absorb the premium payments of the more comprehensive plans, you can count on greater protection. If you are also about to buy insurance for several pets, you may be able to obtain discounts from various insurers.

Some of the insurers can also offer you a discount if you also purchase other insurance policies with the same company. In these cases, it is convenient to contract with insurers that operate in almost all types of insurance, whether or not they are from their insurers or through an agreement. Some of these are Nationwide, Allstate, State Farm, Progressive, GEICO, USAA, Liberty, Hartford, MetLife, and Farmer among others.


Payment Speed ​​Comparison

The most comfortable insurers for your dog are those that pay directly to the veterinarians or clinics used. In case they do not operate in your area, the payment will be made by the refund. This means that you first pay for the services and then ask the insurer to refund your payments.

You should compare the payment periods offered by each insurer so that you can choose the best one in this regard. This comparison can be definitive in making a decision when the insurers you compare are similar in everything else.


9 Tips for Choosing the Best Insurance for Your Dog

The steps to find the best insurance for your dog could be summarized as follows:

  1. Identify the best dog insurers.
  2. Check coverage in your area.
  3. Compare coverage and sums insured for illnesses and accidents.
  4. Identify those that offer free or included coverage for the pet’s periodic maintenance expenses, such as anal gland cleaning, haircut, deworming, nail trimming, bathing, etc. Also, consider if there are limits on such coverage.
  5. Compare deductibles, coinsurance, and cost of premiums. It should be noted that the price comparison should be made with the most similar coverage possible.
  6. Identify the big insurers that offer insurance from the best pet insurers.
  7. Evaluate the advantage of contracting directly with the pet insurer or through a major insurer in other lines.
  8. Identify pet insurers that pay veterinary clinics directly.
  9. If there is no direct payment, or if you are still considering hiring one that pays by reimbursement, compares the payment times of each insurer.


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