How to Get Perfect Curly Hair in Summer 2020

How to Get Perfect Curly Hair in Summer

In summer, with only it and chlorine or seawater, we cannot always keep our hair the way we like it. The curly hair may surprise us somehow and not always very pleasant. Hence, we must always keep it at bay with a series of 5 Tips How to Get Perfect Curly Hair this summer 2020.

So here we are to give you these steps in the form of advice. In this way, you will notice how you do not lose that warmth of curls and that natural finish, which we always seek. Don’t let the final stretch of summer spoil your hair. Follow all this that we propose!


5 Tips How to Get Perfect Curly Hair in Summer 2020


  1. Always take care of your hydration

curly hair

According to us, we are also thirsty from time to time, and thanks to water or food, we are getting hydrated, and our hair also needs these steps. So much so that if we neglect hydration a minimum, we will already notice adverse effects. So, what we will do is always maintain the routine of betting on hydrating elements.

A good mask every week is what is necessary. If your hair is drier than usual, remember that a little oil will restore the softness it needs.

You can apply it in the area of ​​ends and give it a touch of shine. Also bet on natural remedies such as avocado, banana, or honey to always continue giving you the best of the best.


2. Use Best Shampoo for curly hair

Washing is always one of the main steps to take. Therefore, it should not be done in any way if we want to see how our curls take all the prominence. So much so that we must choose a sulfate-free shampoo and also opt for a conditioner that helps us clean and remove all kinds of dirt but always taking care of our hair.

With a small amount, we will have enough. We will avoid scrubbing all the hair a lot, but rather, massage the scalp and let the product fall through the rest of the hair. Once well rinsed, we will apply the conditioner, and that’s it.

3. Detangle curly hair

curly hair in summer

It is a task that seems simple, but that does not always lead to it. Therefore, after the conditioner, it is best to try to untangle it a little with our hands. Thus avoiding the big pulls that the comb usually gives. After this step, we start with our wide bristle comb and in the lower part of the hair to finish later in the upper part.

If you have a knot, it is best to add a couple of drops of oil and try to comb it again. Do not pull or break, as the hair will be susceptible, and we can weaken it more than necessary.

Blot excess water with a towel, dabbing but not twisting. Since with this simple gesture, we will be able to avoid frizz.


4. The serum is always a great ally for you

There are many products that we can have on hand for healthier and more natural hair. But of all of them, the serum indeed is one of the basics. It will help us to comb it better but also to hydrate and take care of it in general lines.

So it has many more advantages than we think. You have to apply a few drops, and you will have everything you need. It is best to apply it when the hair is wet or practically dry. Remember that to get a good effect, nothing like going strand by strand to see a better effect.


5. Comb it correctly

It is true that when we think about combing it, the same idea always comes to mind. With a little hollowing out those curls, we will have enough. Well, that’s what you have to do.

When we are drying it, we have to squeeze the strands a little so that they take the shape we need. If we see it practically dry, what we can do is hold some strands and twist them a little to give it more shape. Your curly hair will be perfect!


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