Best Amazon Prime Movies and Series in September 2020

Top 10 Best Amazon Prime Movies and Series in September 2020

To start this month of September as it should, Amazon is pushing hard with the eventful release of season 2 of The Boys! If you are a Prime Video subscriber, you no longer need to present the series led by Karl Urban and adapted from the cult comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. After a totally blocked first season, we can’t wait to see the sequel which promises to be just as violent, subversive, and enjoyable. Here below you can find the list of the top 10 Best Amazon Prime Movies and Series in September 2020.

1. The Boys Season 2

This is the release everyone is talking about, the series awaited by many fans, season 2 of The Boys of course! After a totally crazy first season, the adaptation of the eponymous comic book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson returns to Amazon Prime Video.

The opportunity to meet Butcher, interpreted by the charismatic (and too little known for my taste) Karl Urban, as well as the rest of the team. In view of the first extracts, we are entitled to expect hectoliters of blood, a crash in a blue whale, maybe one or two explosive anal probes, and a Protector always so on. Meet on September 4 for the first three episodes, followed by one episode per week until October 2.


2. The Americans – Season 1 to 6

Disappeared from Netflix for some time now, the excellent series The Americans is landing on Amazon Prime Video. Unfairly underrated, this spy series in the vein of Salt or Atomic Blonde (less crossed out) is a little gem of writing, all supported by an irreproachable game of actors. It follows the story of two KGB agents sent to live in the United States during the Cold War. Go for it, it’s clearly worth the detour. Available from September 1st.


3. Fear The Walking Dead – Season 5

Lover of rotten flesh, fangs in their throats not very clean, skulls perforated with great blows of sticks and survivors decidedly always very suspicious of each other, season 5 of Fear The Walking Dead arrives on Amazon Prime Video as of September 2.


4. Supernatural – Season 14

The Supernatural series returns to Amazon Prime Video with a 14th and penultimate season. The opportunity to gently prepare yourself for the shock that awaits you in season 15. Hang in there, the Winchester brothers are probably going to live some not very pleasant moments. However, it will be necessary to wait until September 27 to binge-watch this season of this excellent fantasy series.


5. The Big Bang Theory – Season 12

Anyone who has ever (inadvertently) zapped NRJ 12 knows The Big Bang Theory. The cult sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady bids farewell on Amazon Prime Video with the arrival of its twelfth and final season. So find Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard, and Rajesh in the last 24 episodes. What to close the loop before relaunching season 1, no?


6. Invaders

We are far from the best on Amazon Prime Video, but if you are looking for a good movie to have a laugh with friends on a Saturday night, here is a film found: Invaders. It’s all there: failed CGI aliens invading Earth, strawberry survivors, dialogue written after an all-you-can-eat buffet at Flunch, and an unlikely victory for the human race, what more are you waiting for?


7. Lost in Translation

This is another masterpiece to add to the Amazon collection. The nugget signed Sophia Coppola literally launched the career of the young and promising Scarlett Johansson while rewarding the prodigious Bill Murray with yet another essential in his filmography. A marvel of writing to watch without moderation. Available from September 1st.


8. Slumdog Millionaire

The true story of a young Indian who decides to get out of the misery of the slums of Mumbai by earning Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. In India of course, not with Jean-Pierre Foucault. Not the best of Danny Boyles, but the movie that brought Dev Patel to the mainstream is still a safe bet. Available from September 1st.


9. Kingsman: Secret Service

A Samuel L. Jackson as a zoning villain, an endearing duet Colin Firth, and Aaron Edgerton, superbly choreographed fights, and a memorable massacre in a chapel against the backdrop of Free Birds by Lynyrd Skynyrd, but what are you waiting to (re) see Kingsman Secret Service? A nugget signed Matthew Vaughn, the director of the very good Kick-Ass. Note that the second game Kingsman: The Golden Circle, less successful, is also entering the platform.


10. Mother!

After Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain, and Black Swan (very enjoyable films), Darren Aronofsky returns with a disturbing new experience. The film clearly divides, but the cast remains exceptional: Jennifer Lawrence, the brilliant Javier Bardem, the monument Ed Harris, the terrifying Michelle Pfeiffer, and Domhnall Gleeson.


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