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10 Best PC Games Released in 2020

Top 10 Best PC Games Released in 2020

Every player has a moment when he looks at his collection of games on Steam hundreds of items collected meticulously at sales. But what is all this for when there is nothing to play? We will suggest the top 10 best PC games released in 2020 are worth paying attention to.

In our opinion, the titles presented below are the Top-rated PC Games Released this year. The games are ranked according to their rating on Metacritic (rated on a scale of 0 to 100). However, this is not a “best to worst” list. All of the following titles are, in our opinion, very good, and their ranking is a matter of personal preferences of each player.


10 Best PC Games Released (Based on Metacritic Score) in 2020


1. Hades – score 92

A beautifully drawn roguelike RPG set in the world of Greek mythology. We travel through the title land as the rebel son of the death god Hades, who wants to break through the land of the dead and reach Mount Olympus. Spectacular, challenging fights and a great character development system will provide hours of great fun.

2. Microsoft Flight Simulator – 91

This game is perfectly described by its title – a civil plane flight simulator with an extremely accurately mapped Earth. Artificial intelligence and the Azure cloud are able to generate a world that is so precise that we can find our own family home in it. Need to add anything else?

3. Crusader Kings III – 91

The next installment of the legendary medieval strategy from Paradox Interactive. Intrigues, diplomatic scuffles, battles for territories, and love conquests – we can survive all this, leading our family to glory and wealth.


4. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 – 88

A remake of the legendary skateboarding games signed by Tony Hawk. Modernized mechanics, graphics, and gameplay while maintaining the iconic locations from the first two installments of the skating series. And also the original soundtrack that takes us back to childhood. Mandatory item.

5. Spiritfarer – 84

The only casual game on this list. Beautifully drawn, it takes us to the world in which we replace Charon – we transport the souls of the dead across the Styx. But first, we must help them finish what’s still in the world of their living. A great story in which we will meet, love, and say goodbye to many wonderful characters. A pack of tissues on the desk is obligatory.

6. Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition – 84

Post-apocalyptic action game with RPG elements in which we control a red-haired woman with a bow, fighting mechanical dinosaurs. Hit from PS4 finally transferred to PC.

7. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – 84

The latest installment of the iconic Ubisoft series, which managed to delight, disappoint for a few hits, and then set an example of an amazing great return. The Peregian direction that Assassin’s Creed games took in Egyptian Origins, continued and developed in the Odyssey, has now reached the northern waters. Assassin’s Creed. With the Vikings. It couldn’t go wrong.

8. Yakuza: Like a Dragon – rating 81

The next installment of the Yakuza series, in which we go to the Japanese Yokohama. This is a unique installment of the series, as the gangster atmosphere has a turn-based combat system. In addition, the protagonist is a guy who spent 18 years in prison and we earn our bread by collecting cans for purchase, together with other homeless people.

9. Mafia: Definitive Edition – rated 79

A remake of the cult gangster game in which we observe the fate of Tommy Angelo, who turns from a taxi driver into an extremely dangerous man … A successful refreshment of a great game. If you loved the old Mafia, you’ll love Ultimate too.

10 Moving Out – 79 rating

A must for lovers of “couch” cooperative games in the Overcooked style. In this funny game, we play the role of employees of the FART moving company. Our motto is “no matter in what condition, it is important that it arrives!”. We regularly throw leather sofas out the window so that we don’t have to carry them up the stairs. After all, it’s the effect that matters, right?


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