Top 10 most watched Netflix movies of all time

Top 10 Most Watched Netflix Movies of All Time

Choosing a good film is quite a difficult task to do. which is why we have enlisted in the most-watched Netflix movies of all time.

During Quarantine, people are finding a way not to get bored, and the best way to kill boredom is to watch movies on Netflix.

Most Watched Movies on Netflix 

Netflix is the fastest-growing streaming platform that allows users to watch all the latest and trendy movies with a single click. Here below are the most popular Netflix films in terms of views.

1. Red Notice (2021) – 230,900,000 Views

Join FBI Agent John Hartley (played by Dwayne Johnson) on an exciting adventure in “Red Notice.” He delves into the mysterious world of stolen treasures to uncover the pursuit of three ancient eggs given to Cleopatra as gifts by Marc Antony.

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As Johnson portrays the determined agent, he encounters unexpected alliances, betrayals, and the captivating cunning of the notorious art thief Booth (Ryan Reynolds). Prepare yourself for a thrilling ride of double-crossing tactics and cinematic intrigue.

2. Don’t Look Up (2021) – 171,400,000 Views

In “Don’t Look Up,” two astronomers, played by Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio, discover a comet heading towards Earth that could potentially cause havoc.

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The film, directed by Adam McKay, is a satire that reflects the current pandemic paranoia and anti-science discourse. With a cast that includes Meryl Streep and Jonah Hill, this dark comedy mirrors the absurdity of our times and features a star-studded ensemble.

3. The Adam Project (2022) – 157,600,000 Views

Join young Adam Reed on an extraordinary adventure in “The Adam Project.” After losing his father, Adam meets an older version of himself, played by Ryan Reynolds, who has time-traveled to the present.

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Director Shawn Levy blends sci-fi elements with heartwarming moments, creating a unique and captivating experience. Reynolds delivers his trademark wit, while the film’s clever Easter eggs and emotional depth make it a must-watch for sci-fi enthusiasts.

4. Bird Box (2021) – 157,400,000 Views

In the movie “Bird Box,” Sandra Bullock leads a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world where staying alive means staying blindfolded. They must avoid mysterious entities that force people to commit suicide.

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The movie is action-packed, with thrilling blindfolded escapes and a constant need for safety. Bullock’s performance is captivating, and the supporting cast is equally impressive. “Bird Box” delivers a heart-stopping journey that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

5. The Gray Man (2022) – 139,300,000 Views

Get ready to experience the world of espionage with “The Gray Man” movie, starring Ryan Gosling as “Sierra Six,” a disillusioned CIA agent.

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Directed by the Russo brothers, the film offers an exciting storyline with comically evil villains, over-the-top action scenes, and an outstanding performance by Gosling.

This Netflix favorite is a must-watch, as it promises an endless pursuit and explosive confrontations. Get ready to be thrilled by the action-packed adventure!

6. We Can Be Heroes (2020) – 137,300,000 Views

Director Robert Rodriguez presents a new perspective on superheroes in his movie “We Can Be Heroes.”

The film revolves around a group of kids who are the offspring of superheroes, working together to save the world.

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Although the movie has received mixed reviews from critics, it is designed to entertain young viewers and encourage them to recognize their potential to effect positive change in the world.

Ultimately, Rodriguez delivers a heartfelt and child-friendly movie with a message of empowerment. Despite its release in 2020, the movie is still included in the list for the most watched Netflix movies of all time.

7. The Mother (2023) – 136,400,000 Views

Experience an action-packed thriller in “The Mother,” starring Jennifer Lopez as a former US Army operative who embarks on a mission to save her kidnapped daughter.

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The film employs familiar genre tropes, but Lopez’s star power elevates it to the next level. You’ll enjoy the adrenaline-pumping sequences as she teams up with an FBI agent to take down criminals in this gripping Netflix hit.

8. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022) – 136,300,000 Views

Daniel Craig reprises his role as the charismatic detective, Benoit Blanc, in “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.” The film takes place on a luxurious Greek island with dangerous twists and turns.

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With clever dialogue and an exceptional ensemble cast, this sequel is a worthy successor, providing a thrilling and enjoyable experience.

9. Extraction (2020) – 135,700,000 Views

Come aboard the action-packed ride with Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth), a black market mercenary, in “Extraction.” Two years back Extraction was the most-watched movie on Netflix.

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Despite the film’s plot and character development shortcomings, it keeps the viewers engaged with its thrilling action sequences.

Director Sam Hargrave’s relentless pace and Hemsworth’s outstanding performance make “Extraction” a must-see for all action enthusiasts.

10. Extraction 2 (2023) – 134,900,000 Views

Get ready for more action-packed entertainment as Chris Hemsworth returns to the screen as Tyler Rake in “Extraction 2.”

This thrilling sequel promises to take the franchise to new heights with even more intense and violent scenes.

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Follow Rake’s journey as he confronts merciless crime bosses and navigates through the dangerous path ahead of him.

Hemsworth’s outstanding performance will captivate audiences, cementing “Extraction 2” as one of the most popular movies on Netflix.

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