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Tips To Prolong Your Summer Tan

5 Tips For Prolonging Your Summer Tan This Vacation

Despite back to school, do you want to keep your holiday tan and your beautiful tanned complexion? Follow these best tips and tricks to prolong your summer tan to keep enjoying the summer holidays despite returning to the office.

Tan gives us good looks, it deposits gold on our skin, it gives us a naturally tanned complexion thus limiting the use of foundation, it allows girls to put on a skirt without the complex of white legs. So obviously, we want to keep it as long as possible.


1. Tanned Skin Needs to be Hydrated

If there is one thing to do and do again during the holidays and after, it is to hydrate your skin. We opt for a cream that is both rich in fat and water, which brings lipids to the epidermis and hydrates the cells. Oils are also good aids in keeping your tan longer.

And you can also opt for a special tanning extension treatment. Whatever hydration you choose, you can spread it morning and evening. Not only does the body appreciate it, but in addition, the skin is silky, and sublimated.


2. Hydrate Outside and Inside

If hydration of the skin is essential to prolong its summer tan, hydration of the body is also essential. So, we drink water without moderation to irrigate the cells of the epidermis from the inside.


3. Cleanse Your Skin Thoroughly to Revive the Tan

Against all expectations, scrubs, and other exfoliators do not erase the tan but accentuate it. Obviously, we choose soft products so as not to attack the skin which has already been weakened by repeated exposure to the sun. However, a good deep cleaning is one of the tips to wake up the tan and prolong it.


4. Eat Beta-Carotene

Have you prepared your body well for sun exposure by ingesting beta-carotene and Actilycopene- rich pills? In the same way, you must now feed your body with these foods. Vitamin A (naturally present in food) and Actilycopene (the active ingredient in food supplements for tanning) promote good looks and help maintain a pretty complexion.

Foods containing beta-carotene (vitamin A) are easy to spot since they have the color of the sun, that is, an orange tint. Carrots and apricots are among the fruits and vegetables to consume to obtain beta-carotene.


5. Enjoy the Indian summer sun

Who said that when the school year starts, the sun disappears? For this star, no holidays! And even in September, it continues to shine in the sky (okay, more or less depending on the region). So, if the rays are showing the tip of their nose at noon, go have lunch outside, on the terrace or in a park, rather than in the canteen.

Good weather forecast for this weekend? Get out in the fresh air, stroll around town, and organize a barbecue with friends. In short, any excuse is good for spending time outdoors, continuing to absorb UV rays, and perfecting your tan.



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