Top 5 Best Valorant Agents to play with

Top 5 Best Valorant Agents to play with

Before we start writing our Top 5 best Valorant Agents, let’s look at what Valorant is. Although Riot Games’ 5v5 FPS is only a month since Valorant’s release, the game is increasing its popularity in the market every day. In fact, it was the highest streaming game on Twitch, even before the official release of popular broadcasters playing and playing in beta.

What is Valorant? – Best Valorant Agents

Let’s pass a short summary for those who do not know the game. We play in a team of five, where each member plays as “agents” with different characters or a variety of abilities. The abilities of each “agent” are different and specific to certain characters. These are the key elements of the game. In this article, we explain which “agents” are best for playing in Valorant.


Top 5 “Agents” to Play with Valorant


1- Jett

Jett is one of the agents that everyone can play easily. It is unlocked by default in the game and its attack is on the attack because it is a “duelist” class agent. As for his abilities, he is the only agent that can glide through the air after a jump in the game. The tactical ability, known as “Dash”, allows it to move quickly from one point to another in any direction.

It can also place clouds of smoke to block the view of enemies, and players can use higher than normal jumping ability to reach points that cannot be reached on their maps. And its ultimate ability, “blade storm,” is the perfect ability to get some easy hits.

2- Phoenix

Another “ duelist ” class agent on this list is the hot guy Phoenix from England. He’s one of the coolest in the party, and his abilities make him the perfect killer for a team. Now, Phoenix’s abilities include throwing a fireball to burn a small amount of space. This damages the captured enemies, but if Phoenix himself is on his own fire, the player’s HP is regenerated.

Another ability of the agent includes creating a thin firewall to block vision and deal some damage. His ultimate ability makes him an intangible asset. This means you select the starting point at a safe point and you can attack enemies, and if you are killed, Phoenix returns to where his ultimate power is active. So it’s a good ability to put others in the grave before they die. Of course, if you die, you will come to life again.

3- Omen

He is the “Controller” class agent in Omen Valorant and is the only person in this category. Omen is best for situations involving enemy sighting and teleporting skills and mixing them. As for the skills, Omen can place these large dome-shaped black clouds at any point on the map, because these clouds of smoke can pass through the walls, unlike the Jett clouds.

It can even use “Shadow Walk” to teleport from one point to another nearby and surprise your enemies. It can also throw something like a rotating globe to see everyone spinning against the walls. Its ultimate ability allows Omen to travel anywhere on the map almost instantly.

4- Sage

Of course, the list would not be complete without the only healer in the game. There is no other agent in the game that can heal other players except Sage. So, it is like the most important part of a team, and each team must be a healer for other players to continue fighting. Therefore, his abilities include healing himself with a healing sphere, among other players.

It can throw a slow sphere to cover a small area with crystals that will slow anyone walking over it, and can also create a thick wall to block certain areas that prevent enemies from entering. However, nothing matches his ability to bring a player back from death using “Resurrection”. With this skill, you can revive your dead teammates.

5- Sova

Sova is an exploration agent that can locate enemies with the help of a special bow and arrow combo. The curve to learn to play Sova is quite easy compared to other complex agents like Reyna or Cypher.

Sova’s abilities are present in her bow and arrow above. The player can use the agent’s manual weapon to know the exact location of the enemies or shoot a low-damage arrow in the corners of an enemy with low HP. Sova’s ultimate ability allows him to shoot three very powerful arrows that can go through any obstacles on the map and kill enemies in his path.


Best Valorant Agents

These were the best Valorant agents (characters) we chose for you. In addition to these agents, there are six more agents with unique abilities. However, these four have the best overall elements that help a player understand and enjoy the game.

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What do you think about the agents we have chosen? Please let us know in the comments section. In the meantime, you can reach our YouTube channel where we play Valorant below.