Total War Saga was released for free on release

Total War Saga was released for free on release

The latest Total War Saga was released for free on release. It goes down like hotcakes. The latest Total War, previously announced, Total War Saga Troy was made available on the release day on the Epic Games Store platform. This is an unprecedented situation, and players continue to rub their eyes in amazement. However, hurry with downloading, because the promotion is limited in time.

A new production of an experienced studio

Creative Assembly, developing the Total War series, surprised us once again. The games from this stable are incredibly popular and still attract a new group of players looking for strategic adventures. Along with a good reception among its target, there are very good reviews from gaming critics.

A few weeks ago, Epic Games announced something that nobody wanted to believe. The company boasted of an agreement with the creators of Creative Assembly, as a result of which the latest Total War was to be available on the day of its release for free on the Epic Games Store platform. And so it happened today. Not only that, players even threw themselves into the latest strategic production, because it has already been downloaded by over a million PC users.

But you need to hurry as the game can only be downloaded until tomorrow. At 5 pm on Friday, the promotion will end and the game will only be available for purchase. Interestingly, Total War Sage Troy will be available exclusively on the Epic Games Store platform for the next year.